What You Need to Know About CBD Oils for Dogs

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CBD products are now welcomed by many users and these products have now made their way into the pet care industry too. Pet CBD products are now preferred by many pet owners to treat a variety of health problems affecting their furry friends. Like in the case of any pet wellness products, there is a lot of information being circulated online about pet CBD products, especially CBD oil for dogs. Here we will help you make a clear idea about CBD oil for dogs.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound that is present in the hemp and cannabis plants. The CBD oils available in the market usually contain very low amounts of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the compound that imparts psychoactive properties to marijuana. Most of the CBD products available in the market are derived from hemp plants, as they contain only very low (less than 0.3%) THC, and as per the federal laws, CBD products should contain only less than 0.3% of the psychoactive THC.

CBD And Dogs

There are no formal studies available to prove the effect of CBD on dogs. However, many studies and research have proved that CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors can be found in all mammals and help maintain balance and overall health. Therefore, we can safely assume that CBD oil for dogs can help improve their health and quality of life.

Dog Health Problems That CBD can Treat

There are no scientific data to prove the effects of CBD oil on dogs, however, there is anecdotal evidence from many dog owners that suggest that CBD oil can be used to treat pain in dogs. Many owners claim that CBD oil is effective in treating neuropathic pain and can help control epilepsy and seizures in dogs.

Pet owners also use CBD for its anti-inflammatory effects, appetite stimulation, cardiac benefits, anxiolytic effects, and anti-nausea effects. Many pet owners also use CBD oil for dogs for the possible anti-cancer effects, even though there is no evidence to prove this use of CBD.

The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation is sponsoring a study that evaluates the possible use of CBD to treat drug-resistant epilepsy in dogs. The Canine Health Foundation hopes that this will be the first official study on the use of CBD in dogs suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy.

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Side Effects Of CBD Oil For Dogs

There are no scientific studies to prove the side effects of CBD on dogs, but there are some potential side effects based on the way it affects human beings. Some of the potential side effects of CBD usage are discussed below. To minimize the possible side effects, always make sure to follow the proper dosage of CBD and use only THC free CBD products that are safe for pets.


CBD can be effective in treating anxiety in dogs. But, the calming effects of CBD may lead to drowsiness. This is especially evident when CBD is used in high doses.

Lowered Blood Pressure

When used in high doses, CBD is known to cause a drop in blood pressure. Even though the drop in blood pressure is low, it might lead to a brief feeling of light-headedness in the user.

Dry Mouth

The use of CBD can lead to a decrease in the production of saliva and in the case of dogs, it might manifest as an increase in thirst.

Finding Pet CBD Products

If you decide to use CBD as a treatment option for the ailments of your dog, you need to look for a few important things. Understand that not all CBD products available in the market are the same. You will have to select a pet CBD product of very high quality to get the best results. The things to look for while selecting CBD oil for dogs are shared below.

Go For Organic CBD Products

Buying organic CBD products for pets will help avoid pesticides, solvents, fungicides, etc. The presence of these chemicals can be dangerous for your pet.

Check Certificate Of Analysis

The manufacturer of the CBD product should offer a certificate of analysis (CoA). This certificate should provide the details of CBD and other chemicals that are present in the CBD product. Many of the CBD products available in the market contain only low amounts of CBD than what is shown on the label of the product. Therefore, it is important for you to check the CoA to understand the actual amount of CBD in the product. Besides, make sure that the CoA is provided by a third-party lab.

Do Not Select Based On Price Only

Understand that high levels of purity and quality are associated with a higher price. Cheaper CBD products might contain harmful chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. Moreover, make sure that the CBD oil you buy is free of additives.

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