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The majority of the people in the world adore gummies, especially when it’s entirely made up of THC. These mouth-watering cannabis gummies are a bit expensive in any dispensary. So, it’s a perfect option to try making it all by yourself. In case you want to know how to turn your DIY weed gummies into a quality bought from the store, you will need fresh ingredients along with the correct recipe. So, we have come up with this already examined weed gummies recipe that can offer you the desired outcome.


Weed Gummies

Weed gummies are said to resemble the gummy snacks that are available everywhere in the world. Many people think adding slight concentrate into a simple candy gummy recipe will help them get the needed result. However, it is impossible for that recipe to work.

Since the recipe of normal candy gummy bear is known to be of basic level, the process of using sugar and melting it with an addition of a little water and the sugar becomes solid after cooling down. Aster in which gelatine is added to give it a spongy structure, thus forming gummies. However, if you add any concentrate to it, it will become completely chewy and runny or like a soft caramel. This is the major problem with using the basic recipe.

DIY Weed Gummies

So, you must be wondering how to make DIY weed gummies that remain stretchy and soft even at room temperatures. The answer to that is emulsification. To obtain the structure of a proper gummy, it is needed to mix together the cannabis concentrate with one more ingredient and then added into the mixture of candy during the time it’s being cooked. In our recipe, we have utilized lecithin.

In order to create DIY weed gummies, it is best to begin with, the basic steps, indicating a proper concentrate. Thus, we have provided the process of creating your own cannabis-infused coconut oil.

Ways to Make Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

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In case you already own a hash oil or any decarbed concentrate, this step can be ignored. Although, if you are interested in beginning from the basics, then you must understand the steps needed to create an extract.

Any recipes that you find on the internet related to weed gummies might require infusing cannabis into the coconut oil. Infused coconut oil is known to be the best option since it successfully retains a solid structure even at room temperature, helping the weed gummy to stay solid. If you dislike the smell or the taste of coconut oil, you still have the option to use a different oil, but in our recipe, we have utilized this ingredient.

To make cannabis-infused coconut oil, follow the steps below:

The cannabis is needed to be decarbed before the following steps are performed:

  • Double boiler
  • 1 cup decarbed and grounded marijuana
  • Cheesecloth
  • Twine
  • 1 cup of coconut oil

Steps to Make Infused Coconut oil:

Step 1: Setting up a double boiler

Use water to completely fill the double boiler’s bottom. Then keep it on the stove at medium heat. Then use the cheesecloth by placing the cannabis onto it and turn it into a sachet and take a twine to tie it properly. It is best for you to let the cannabis sachet stay in the oil for around 6 to 8 hours. This helps in extracting a good amount of THC.

Step 2: Use cheesecloth and pour infused coconut oil onto it

Next, take out the sachet, then your infused coconut oil is ready. Besides, you also have the option to squeeze out the sachet to get as much oil as you can, although this might also result in mixing extra flavonoids into your mixture.

Now, after obtaining one of your ingredients, i.e., the infused coconut oil, it is time to move on to the weed gummies recipe.

How to Make Weed Gummies?

The recipe is considered to be simple, and it comprises pre-flavored gelatin with extra unflavored gelatin to set the gummies. The equipment and the ingredients required to begin with the recipe are as follows:


  • Whisk
  • Spatula
  • Saucepan
  • Pouring device
  • Candy Molds (molds that can be used to take out the gummies easily)
  • Non-stick cooking spray


  • Pre-packed gelatin dessert: Jell-O (you can pick any flavor as per your need)
  • Unflavored gelatin: You can take around 2.5 tablespoons of gelatin powder or gelatin sheets around 7.5. It is best to choose good quality gelatin for additional firmness.
  • Cold Water: ½ cup
  • Corn Syrup: 1/4th cup
  • Cannabis-Infused oil or hash oil: 1/4th cup
  • Soy Lecithin: 2 tbsp

Steps for Weed Gummies Recipe

Step 1: First, begin by preparing your gelatin. In case you are using powdered gelatin, take thin and Jell-O and sprinkle these on top of the water. You must allow it to bloom for around five minutes. You can also use sheets for soaking the water for around ten minutes.

Step 2: After your gelatin is prepared, mix it (with the water) and the corn syrup using a saucepan. You must allow the mixture to settle on medium heat. It is important for you to continuously whisk but gently while it is heating up. You must guarantee that the gelatin is not boiling away since it might not settle down due to boiling. In case there is any foam formed at the top, remove it and lower the heat a bit.

Step 3: When the mixture finally melts and mixes completely, take it out from the heat and let it cool. Now, it’s time to add the lecithin and also cannabis-infused oil while stirring to mix properly.

Step 4: Then, for the gummy bear shape, keep your molds ready by spraying them prospering with the use of the cooking spray. It is best to allow the molds to set onto baking trays lined with parchment paper since it will help you later to move it easily.

Step 5: After you are done spraying the molds, move the mixture of cannabis gummies to your kitchen syringe or spouted container. You can also take a plastic sandwich back, and add in the mixture, then cut slightly from one of its edges to make a piping bag.

Step 6: Then start filling up the molds. You can use a bench scraper if you dislike the messy edges. However, you can also use any other flat object to easily scrape the additional spilled mixture away from its surface.

Step 7: After letting it set in the refrigerator, take it out and de-mold it. Your weed gummies must be solid to touch but still a little sticky. Then use parchment paper, and lay down the gummies on it. Now, allow the gummies to air dry, mostly in a place with better ventilation, for instance, at the front of a fan. The time it might take to dry off normally depends on the temperature, location, humidity, and many more factors.

Note: You must ensure that the molds are completely dried before you store them since they might become a problem with this recipe. These weed gummies might last as long as one week without the need for a refrigerator. In case it is stored in a cold place, it can stay up to one entire month. This is an ideal weed gummies recipe that can be created easily at your home. Besides, there are few other methods which you can use to slightly alter the recipe and make it more appetizing.

Personalizing Weed Gummies Recipe

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The recipe noted above is basic. You can always add extra ingredients to make it more delicious. However, it can be tough to flavor it due to the Jell-O that is pre-flavored. Some of the tips that you can use to make your weed gummies recipe much more appealing are listed below.

Replace Jell-O

There are many different flavoring agents and preservatives included in Jell-O that can boost up the life of the weed gummies. However, it can make it tough for you to add in the flavors that you desire. Therefore, Jell-O replacement is the best choice. You can do that by increasing the level of gelatin. You can add around 4.5 tbsp gelation or extra six sheets. You are aware of the fact that Jell-O normally has already added sugar in it. So around 5.5. tbsp of sugar can be mixed in with the corn syrup and then simmered properly. Thus, this way, you can remove the Jell-O from the recipe.

Create a Flavor of Your Own

You can use any flavoring oil that is normally used for hard candy marking. However, the amount is always based on the number of weed gummies you have decided to make.

Sour and Sweet

You can decide to include some acid into the mixture to make it a bit more sweet or sour. Acids that are normally extracted from fruits like malic and citric acid can be used. There are citric fruits like lemon and oranges for citric acid, and for malic acid, fruits like cherries, peaches, or strawberries can be used.

Ending Note

Creating your own batch of weed gummies at home is never a tough task to accomplish. You can easily use our recipe to start making your own delicious set of weed gummies. There are many recipes present on the internet, although most of them might end up offering an unsatisfactory outcome. It is always crucial to ensure that the recipe you choose is trustable.

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