A Guide To At-Home Foot Care

When it comes to caring for our body, both inside and out, our feet are often overlooked. Even though they carry us through life, many of us don’t treat our feet with the care and attention they deserve. Pedicures are viewed as a relaxing treat or a pre-trip to do, but there are many bonuses to treating yourself to a pedicure aside from the polish.

Accompanying our variety of holiday kits is our CBD Pedicure Kit – created to bring a spa-like pedicure with the health of your feet in mind, right to you at home. We also know many of us have had to go without the things we traditionally treat ourselves with, like pedicures, due to COVID. Even if you forgo polish, taking the time to care for your feet is beneficial in so many ways, and each and every person deserves time to care for themselves.

You may wonder what the addition of CBD can do for your feet. CBD has been known to help ease tension in our joints and muscles, reduce inflammation, and even helps us feel more calm & relaxed. Our CBD Pedicure Kit includes a CBD Bath Soak of your choice – which is comprised of 50mg of full spectrum CBD, magnesium rich Epsom salts, and each soak includes a unique blend of essential oils. Each bath soak is handmade in small batches with the finest ingredients. Our soaks can be enjoyed in a full bath, or you can easily fill a small tub, bucket, or sink with warm water and add our soak for a relaxing foot soak.

So whether you have achy feet or just need to take some time for yourself, follow our guide for at-home foot care.

Grab a kit

Our CBD pedicure kit includes a CBD bath soak of your choice (Awaken, Mend, or Unwind), Spruce Nail Shop cuticle serum, a tiny jar of Lauren’s All Purpose salve, all collected in a custom Rosebud cotton stash bag. Some additional items you’ll need to make the most of your at-home foot care

  • Toe nail clippers – technically there’s a difference between fingernail and toenail clippers just based on how strong they are made, but any pair that comes straight across (like the ones in this set) is best.
  • A tub, sink, basin, or bucket depending on whether you decide between a foot soak or full bath
  • A cuticle pusher– because the cuticles on your toes cannot be forgotten!
  • Polish if you choose – check out our list of our favorite non-toxic polishes.

Soak first

Begin by indulging in a nice soak, full body or just your feet. We recommend using ¼-½ the jar and soaking for 20 minutes. For stronger therapeutic relief, feel free to use the whole jar of soak. The CBD may relieve your sore joints or tight muscles, reduce any skin irritants, swelling and inflammation and put you in a relaxed state. Don’t rush this step, take time to inhale the steam filled with essential oils.

Trim properly

It’s easier to trim your toenails when they’re soft, so it’s best to trim after a soak. Many people trim blindly with no real intention besides just hacking off the length. It’s important to trim the toenails straight across because if the skin under the nail is exposed it can be more susceptible to fungus and infections. And if you’ve battled hangnails before, be sure to keep your nails short, but not too short. If the edges aren’t smooth after trimming, follow up by lightly filing.

Cuticle Care

Start by applying a generous amount of Spruce’s cuticle serum and take a cuticle pusher and very gently push your cuticles back. Unless you have skin visibly lifting you shouldn’t need to trim any skin and we recommend leaving that to the professionals.

Exfoliate to smooth

After focusing your attention on your nails, it’s time to show your skin some love. Grab your favorite exfoliating scrub, or whip our DIY recipe.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of pure cane sugar
  • 1 or more tablespoons of olive oil
  • A container and a spoon for mixing

How to make it:

  • Add the pure cane sugar to your chosen container
  • Begin to add the olive oil one tablespoon at a time (the goal is for the consistency not to be soupy, but more like sand)
  • Once you have the desired consistency and amount, begin to apply to the skin.

Use gentle pressure when applying the scrub to your skin. You want to gently and slowly slough off the dead skin, without irritating the new skin. Work the scrub into the skin using circular motions until the sugar has dissolved. Repeat as needed. Follow up by rinsing your feet and patting dry.

Time for massage

It’s not quite the same giving yourself a foot massage, but it can be just as impactful if you take the time. Grab your tiny jar of Lauren’s All Purpose salve and scoop out a generous amount. Slowly massage the whipped salve into your skin with just enough pressure to smooth out any tight spots. The heat of your hands will melt the salve into your skin, keep massaging it in until most of the product is absorbed.

Final touches

If you’re forgoing polish, slide on some warm socks. But if you love the look of freshly polished toes we have a great round-up of toxic-free polishes. Since you just put in all that work to get your nails in good shape, it’s important to protect them by using a base coat before polish. This preps the nails for long lasting polish and prevents staining. The rule of thumb is base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat to seal it all in. Allow ample time to dry and enjoy the feeling and look of soothed feet.

We hope you take time for yourself this holiday season. Our kits make great gifts for those around you, but they’re also a great gift for yourself. Check out all of our kits here.

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