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blister pack

blister pack

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. today, but it is also one of the youngest. Combining a new growing demand with the strict standards of professional packaging is a recipe for crisis in many cases. Over the past 50 years, Thomas Packaging has spent time and energy ensuring that we are the turnkey solution for packaging products in multiple industries. Cannabis manufacturing and packaging is under harsh scrutiny and must be flexible to the demands of their consumers at the same time. Those two elements are what makes the latest EZ Blister machine model a beneficial solution for a wide range of cannabis products.

The EZ Blister is a table-top, semi-automatic blister machine. This unit combines high quality packaging and flexible design capabilities with ease of use and low-cost operations. It is the ideal solution for entry level packaging facilities creating small to medium size batches.

Thomas Packaging ensures the highest quality packages with their expertise in blister designs. Customers can rely heavily on their years of experience with child resistant and industry-compliant packaging.

The EZ Blister is designed to accommodate a wide range of products from tablets and capsules to edibles, joints, flower and vape cartridges. The machine has been used for hot filling gelatin to allow gummies to form in process, eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing costs.

It has been proven that blister packages on display are far more likely to be purchased than products in bottles and pouches. Marketing information is easier to read and packaging is more attention-grabbing.

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