Beat the Afternoon Slump with These 4 Natural Wellness-Enhancers

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Beat the Afternoon Slump with These 4 Natural Wellness-Enhancers | #CBDMOVEMENT™ BLOG

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The afternoon slump is a fairly common phenomenon. It may be the result of your morning coffee wearing off, too little sleep from the night before, or the day’s workload taking its toll. For many people, it just seems to be a natural feature of their circadian rhythm. Whatever the cause, feeling tired, burned out, irritable, or otherwise out-of-sorts in the afternoon isn’t conducive to productivity, and it just isn’t much fun. Sometimes, the best antidote to an afternoon slump is incorporating a natural wellness boost. For some that means taking a walk. For others it could be enjoying one of their hemp-derived CBD gummies. If you haven’t found your afternoon wellness boost yet, consider the following.

Organize Your Workspace or Area

Taking the time to simply clean up and organize your space can make a considerable difference in mood. A messy, disorganized desk, cubicle, office, room, or whatever space you’re spending an afternoon in can have a persistent agitating effect that you’re often not even consciously aware of. Like removing a rock from your shoe after realizing it’s there, how irritating or bothersome a disorganized space had been sometimes doesn’t become clear until you set it right.

Unwind with a Hemp-Derived CBD Boost

Hemp-derived CBD products have become a feature of wellness regimens for countless people around the country. Hemp-derived CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a collection of cell receptors in the body. The ECS plays a role in the regulation of appetite, mood, pleasure, immune function, and much more. Part of hemp-derived CBD’s popularity derives from it being non-intoxicating, which makes it a viable option for an afternoon wellness boost. However, prioritize sourcing your hemp-derived CBD from a reliable, trustworthy vendor of high-quality CBD online.

Give Yourself a Treat

There are times when the only response to the afternoon slump is to take a break and reward yourself for being you. If that reward is a fancy cup of coffee, and it’s not late enough in the afternoon to interfere with your sleep, knock yourself out. If that reward is a healthy, delicious green smoothie, treat yourself for being responsible enough to choose the green smoothie.

Interact with Green Spaces

Taking some time out of your afternoon to take a walk outside ticks several wellness boxes. It is exercise. It is getting you some sun. And walking itself tends to have a tension-burning, mindfulness-focusing influence. To truly optimize an afternoon walk as a wellness-forward pursuit, however, find the greenest place you can to walk in. Even those temporary communes with the world’s green places can have a truly rejuvenating effect.

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