Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Likely To Begin Early Next Year In MP

New Age Care, a medical cannabis dispensary, in Mount Prospect. (Photo courtesy Revolution Global)

Medical marijuana dispensary New Age Care, located at 2015 E. Euclid Ave., is preparing to start selling adult use cannabis after Mount Prospect trustees voted to approve the sale of adult recreational cannabis on Dec. 1.

New Age opened in the village back in December 2015 to serve eligible patients from Wheeling and Maine townships under a state of Illinois medical marijuana dispensary license.

The Illinois General Assembly passed HB 1438, legalizing recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21, in 2019. Gov. JB Pritzker signed it into law.

However, Pritzker gave the option for municipalities to decide whether to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of selling in their jurisdiction.

Now that Mount Prospect decided to “opt-in” after over 60% voted in favor of a non-binding referendum placed on the Nov. 3 election ballot, New Age Care is able to use their state license to begin selling recreationally.

Victoria Mendicino, chief of staff for Revolution Global which is a multi-state cannabis operator that owns New Age, told the Journal & Topics that the medical dispensary is being diligent in their transition into the sale of adult use cannabis.

“We do intend to be deliberate about how we handle the transition which is kind of why we are taking our time with it, to ensure everything goes smoothly,” said Mendicino.

Mendocino said that while there is no set date for New Age to start selling recreationally, they are hoping for early 2021.

Working around the COVID-19 pandemic is also something that New Age is taking into consideration, which they are responding to by focusing on having customers make appointments for service.

The village board approved of New Age being able to sell recreationally without having to reapply with the village. This at first raised concerns with Trustee William Grossi, who said that residents in the surrounding area did not have their opinions heard about whether or not they wanted a recreational dispensary in their neighborhood. Mendocino told the Journal & Topics that New Age will reach out to residents if needed.

In a statement provided to the Journal & Topics, Mendocino said that “Revolution is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer adult-use at New Age Care, while continuing to serve our medical patients and the community.”

She also said that for New Age, their medical patients will always be their first priority. While there isn’t going to be a real difference in the products for medical patients compared to recreational users, Mendocino said that they will be taxed at different rates.

“The primary difference between the two is the taxation rate. Medical is taxed at a pharmaceutical rate versus adult use is subject to sales tax and to other cannabis specific taxes so that will really be the primary difference,” said Mendocino.

New Age will announce the official date of when they will begin selling adult use cannabis at a later date. Check back for more information.

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