Satori Confections Unveils New Fast-Acting Chocolate Bars

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – Satori, a wholly-owned CannaCraft brand and California’s #5 best selling cannabis chocolate brand, announced today the launch of their “Satori Singles” milk and dark chocolate bars. Combining the great taste of sustainably-sourced South American cacao with pure cannabis oil, Satori Singles use a nano-emulsifier to allow the cannabinoids to be absorbed quickly and efficiently.

Compared to traditional edibles, these single-serve form factor treats are designed to bring on euphoric effects much more quickly, and contain 10mg of THC per serving. “Fast-acting edibles solve the problem of long onset times that can make people impatient,” explains Elise McDonough, Brand Manager, Confections. “We aim to help people dial in the appropriate THC dose because it’s easier to titrate and achieve the experience you desire.”


Like all of Satori’s artisanal chocolate products, Satori Singles are handcrafted by classically trained chocolatier Chef Matt Kulczycki, CannaCraft’s in-house edibles expert. Made with chocolate sustainably-sourced from Republica de Cacao, the milk chocolate singles contain 38% cacao from Peru, while the dark chocolate singles contain 55% cacao, from Ecuador.

“Satori is proud to utilize Republica de Cacao, as we know they develop the most authentic Latin American chocolate hand-in-hand with local communities,” notes Chef Kulczycki. “They support small farmers and independent cooperatives throughout Latin America.”

The single origin, Kosher certified and non-GMO guaranteed milk chocolate is creamy and silky, with hints of burnt caramel. The dark chocolate is Halal certified and gluten-free guaranteed in addition to being single origin, Kosher certified and non-GMO, with slightly sweet, beautifully balanced flavors.

Satori is the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup Award winning brand, and with over 85,000 units sold in 2020 to date, is one of California’s best selling cannabis chocolate brands. Their entire range of chocolates and fast-acting mints can be found at dispensaries throughout California.

About Satori
Satori’s artisanal chocolates combine the finest, all-natural ingredients with the convenience of microdosing for a truly enjoyable edible experience. Satori is made in CannaCraft’s state of the art facility in Santa Rosa and is overseen by Matt Kulczycki. Prior to joining CannaCraft, Matt worked under the direction of Thomas Keller, founder and chef of French Laundry, on Keller’s luxurious and award-winning K+M Chocolates line. Learn more at

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