Rant on how drug policy affects me(and thousands of others) in the middle class

story which I know is the case for thousands in this country. I used to smoke everyday since I was 17. I turned 23 last year and had to get a serious job to start my own life. I joined the carpenters union (which is an amazing job with many opportunities, i’m not bashing it) but upon joining I had to get clean first to pass a drug test, which I did. The only problem is that if I ever get injured on the job I have to take an automatic drug test and if I fail I get most likely fired with no compensation for my injuries whatsoever. I have cars to pay off and working on getting my first home soon so I can not screw up. I had to let go of weed. The problem here is that it doesn’t matter if I smoked 5 weeks ago if I piss dirty it’s over. Construction is a labor job and you come home really tired, I have to substitute weed for alcohol now. I turned into a pretty heavy drinker ever since I stopped smoking bud and I hate it. I know I could do neither but sometimes people need to take a break from reality as many of you know. The thing is is that the whole industry is filled with people that do cocaine or other hard drugs. Since coke and other hard drugs only leave you system in (2-3 days) it’s much easier to get away with that than weed (5-60 days). Most of my coworkers do cocaine/alcohol and I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case if we were allowed to smoke bud. The reason it’s not allowed is because of insurance purposes. If our company does drug tests their insurance policy comes out way cheaper. But in the end you have more people doing hard drugs because of that. Only people it screws over are the weed smokers. People still do hard drugs and that’s always been the case. I just wish this shit would change because it’s really frustrating knowing that you can get blacked out drunk and rail an 8 ball on the weekend instead of smoking a blunt after work and relaxing. Sorry for the rant but I just wish they’d make it federally legal already cause I really need a blunt haha

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