13 Secrets to Scoring the Best Black Friday Deals This Year

“During previous holiday shopping seasons, consumers were spoiled with quick delivery and return options for online shopping. However, the pandemic has severely interrupted supply chains around the world, and we should not expect quick deliveries this year,” said Lauren Beitelspacher, associate professor of marketing at Babson College.

Many retailers are encouraging customers to shop early in order to ease the burden of holiday shopping on the global retail infrastructure [by] offering Black Friday pricing deals in early November. The best deals may still occur on Black Friday, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the product you want. So best to go ahead and shop early.”

“Also, I would encourage consumers to continue to support their local businesses as much as they can. These are the companies that really need our holiday dollars and who have worked so hard to ease our burdens during the pandemic.”

You might be worried that if you shop early you’ll miss out on a deeper discount later. This is a valid concern, but Andrea Woroch, a consumer savings and shopping blogger, suggests you needn’t worry.

“Some stores like Target are actually extending their price adjustment window on any items promoted as a Black Friday deal through the end of December, so monitor prices and ask for money back if something you buy early goes on sale later,” Woroch said.

“You can get help by using the Edison Mail app as their Price Alert tool monitors prices of purchases you made online and will notify you if something drops in price so you know when to ask for money back.”

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