All The Haunting Of Bly Manor Ghosts Explained

Dani’s Ex BF Eddie O’Mara

Even before Dani signs on to become the new au pair to the Wingrave children, we catch sight of a man with glowing glasses in the mirror, haunting her through mirrors. Throughout the series, Dani is taunted by the horrifying figure. And in Episode 4, we learn he was her childhood best friend who later became her fiancé. As the flashbacks indicate, Dani was having second thoughts about her marriage to Eddie and timidly broke things off with him in a car seconds before he hurriedly walked out of the car and a truck rams into him.

We learn the glowing glasses are a reflection of the terror about to befall on him. Now Eddie is a bit of an ambiguous ghost. He signifies the guilt Dani feels for accepting her true self as a gay woman and breaking away from the traditional married life she may have had with him. But is he truly haunting her until she gets rid of the weight of his death or is he a hallucination? It’s up to interpretation, and that’s the beauty of Bly Manor.

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