A Stoner Guide To Weed Tea

Cannabis can be consumed in many ways, it is not required for you to smoke or vape it if you do not wish to do so.

Apart from making cannabis edibles, you can also sip cannabis tea. It is a soothing method of consuming cannabis without many side effects. It can be used to get a surge of energy, or you can use the drink as a means to soothe tense nerves.

However, you need to know the method. It is not as easy as just adding some dry cannabis buds into a pot of boiling water! You may need a few attempts to get the right blend of flavor and taste, along with desired effects.

There are obvious benefits of drinking marijuana tea and you can definitely give it a try. The effects are long-lasting but take a little longer, than smoking, to set in.

When you make tea by brewing the buds and leaves of cannabis plants, the effects are on the milder side. Drinking this tea generally does not lead to the so-called couch-locked or stoned effect, which is often the case with smokers. The mild euphoria can be tackled by most. This can be therefore ideal for those who are very new to cannabis.

Cannabis Tea Preparation Methods

There are 2 ways to make cannabis tea. You can make this tea by brewing the buds and simmering dry leaves in boiling water. The marijuana bud-infused tea makes a strong effect upon usage while the tea made using dried leaves tend to be milder in nature.

  • Marijuana Bud Tea – To make this tea, you will need ingredients like 1/2 gram marijuana buds, 400 ml of water, 1/2 teaspoon softened unsalted butter, tea strainer, spoon, and stainless steel pot. Add sugar or honey as much as you need. At first, you have to grind the cannabis buds. Then discard any stem and mix the ground buds with butter slowly. Now, add water to a pot and put it on the stove. Simmer it and spoon in the butter and ground cannabis mixture. Brew this for half an hour or so. Then, remove the pot from flame and let it rest. Use the strainer to pour the tea into a cup and enjoy.
  • Marijuana Leaf Tea – If you want a milder version of cannabis tea, then this is what fits the bill better. It is also simpler to prepare. You need to take 2 grams of cannabis stems and leaves or both. Simmer the leaves in a cup of water for 25-30 minutes. Then, you can strain and drink. Adding sugar or honey is optional.

Should You Opt For Readymade Cannabis Tea?

With time, the number of cannabis products available in dispensaries and online shops will go up, and finding cannabis tea types with varying flavor is not uncommon anymore! When buying such tea sachet or bags, check for the ingredients carefully. What you need to check is the type of cannabis buds or leaves used to make the tea and percentage of CBD and THC.

How To Get The Right Dosage

It is hard to say what the right dosage is as far as Cannabis tea is concerned. Not everyone has the same tolerance level for THC, to start with. Some people may drink cannabis tea only for relaxation while there are others who will try this as a means to relieve pain or aches.

Because of this, the right dosage for one user – may greatly differ for another. From a practical perspective, it is better that you begin with a low dosage and then enhance your dosage as per your tolerance level. Starting with 125 ml/day is a safe choice. The ideal THC amount will be 100mg/cup.

Having Realistic Expectations Is Necessary

The effect of cannabis on humans varies on a number of factors, the method of consumption being an important one. When you drink cannabis tea, it passes through the digestive tract before the substance can be soaked into the bloodstream. Therefore, you can expect anything between 30-60 minutes before any effect can be felt. However, the effect is likely to last for 4 hours or more. So, it would be better that you drink this tea at home and have enough time to spare.

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