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True Seven CBD is a Jacksonville, FL based company
providing premium CBD products.

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil products near you in Jacksonville, TrueSevenCBD provides the best organic, full-spectrum, lab-tested CBD oil. True Seven CBD currently offers a premium line of CBD Oils, Terpenes, Cosmetics, Topicals, Creams, Bath Powders, and Gummies among others. Our flagship products are high milligram concentration Terpene-based Tinctures, which when combined with CBD have been said to have an entourage effect, producing greater effects and results.

The company has partnered with the top cultivators, growers, extractors, and manufacturers in the industry to ensure that it provides the best quality products to its customers.

The inspiration to start a business came with an urge of independence and flexibility that led to starting an enterprise where the founder would use their skills in sales and corporate management to build a successful entity. The founder chose CBD with a purpose; having heard and researched the successful stories of people who have used the product to manage medical conditions related to post-trauma, risking their freedom for their kids, and how it has positively changed many lives and families.

As a grassroots solely owned company, True Seven CBD has formed partnerships with like-minded companies to ensure that it delivers quality and satisfactory products to its customers.

The company has instituted measures to ensure that its products are only sourced from growers, manufacturers, and business which conduct themselves professionally and adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

We promise our clients satisfaction, a guarantee that they have a reputable product and are working with a reputable company.

With our diverse ranging products and our focus on the best formulas that have the highest efficacy rates, you are guaranteed of getting value for your money.

What is CBD Oil or Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most popular phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis flower. A completely safe, non-psychoactive compound that is the counterpart of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD will not give you the “stoned” or “high” feeling. In fact, it neutralizes the psychoactive effects of THC. This is what makes it the most sought-after cannabinoid because it gives all the health benefits of the cannabis plant without being intoxicated or being “high.”

The main difference between CBD and THC is the effect it has on your body. People have reported that after using CBD they have a feeling of calmness and CBD has put them in a more relaxed state. It has no psychoactive effects that will alter your mind in any way. On the other hand, THC has intoxicating properties that will let you experience a “euphoric” feeling. Some other effects of THC are heightened senses, dry mouth, and sleepiness.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

CBD is absorbed through the bloodstream and interacts with cannabinoid receptors found in the endocannabinoid system of the body. Once CBD interacts with these receptors, it elicits healing and therapeutic effects.

There are 4 methods for CBD consumption:

  • Sublingual method – The most common way to administer CBD oil. Dropping CBD oil under your tongue and holding it there for 60 seconds will help the CBD molecules be absorbed into your bloodstream. When you take the right dosage, you will feel relief in 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Ingestion – Ingestible CBD products are capsules, drinks, and edibles. You ingest these orally to be absorbed by your digestive system and metabolized in the liver, then it sends its molecules to your bloodstream to feel the desired effects.
  • Topical- Salves, creams, and lotions are CBD oil products applied directly onto the skin. These products are created to address skin issues or pain. Once the CBD is absorbed through the skin, it interacts with cells without entering the bloodstream.
  • Inhalation – Also known as vaping which is the recommended absorption for adults. Vaping CBD helps you absorb the compound faster because it is absorbed by your lungs and passes to the bloodstream compared to other methods that have to go through the digestive system.

CBD has been known and proven to be a remedy for many health issues such as:

  • Chronic pain – People who are suffering from chronic pain which is caused by fibromyalgia have found relief after taking CBD oil. CBD oil has been found to relieve pain and prevent further damage of the nervous system
  • Epilepsy – CBD has proven to have anti-seizure properties that can help treat people suffering from epilepsy and has been successful in treating children with rare types of epilepsy. Various research has also reported that CBD can help treat complications brought by epilepsy such as neuronal injury, psychiatric diseases and neurodegeneration.
  • Anxiety and Depression – Doctors have advised people suffering from anxiety and depression to stay away from cannabis because THC can result in heightened paranoia and anxiety. But CBD can actually reduce anxiety and depression.

We aim at revolutionizing how premium CBD products are delivered, ensuring that customers get high quality and value for their money. We aspire to help individuals get products that will change their lives and families. We will use our experience in sales, marketing, human resources, training as well as our knowledge in CBD products to ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition to being a Premium CBD company, we do also offer consultancy services to anyone looking to get started in this great industry and navigate the waters while feeling comfortable and confident that are doing business with companies and individuals of integrity.

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