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date: Oct 11, 2020, 6:17 PM
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Good day ,
Considering the simple yet obvious fact of my long (25th) year working experience here in the Banking and finance sector, I assure you that not every situation is a scam.

You and I do know the global world has been hit with the Pandemic Corona-virus (So many people have died from the virus leaving funds in their Bank accounts without next of kin) and families lost loved ones to the virus just as so many people have also lost their jobs.

I know my decision to move or transfer huge funds that belonged to one of my deceased clients is unethical and could easily get me in trouble, but I feel my many years of service has not been fully appreciated either, which is my reason for seeing this as an opportunity for a great retirement for me.

I am not a Saint and my need for a better financial status and my retirement in 6-months has lead me to reaching out to you, So if you are needing proof regarding this deal then I shall gladly provide you all that you require but I beg you to keep our communication private for security reasons as we are adults but just in case you are still not interested in my 40% to you from total sum ($8.3million) while 60% for me. Then please ignore my message to you.

But I really need your help/Assistance to transfer this money and invest it in your country without the Bank suspecting.

Please, I await your response/reply via my private email-:
[email protected]

Thank you

Arthur Greene
Foreign Remittance Department
Bank Of America (BOA)
[email protected]
+1917 983 4406

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