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Guide to a Successful Google Classroom

Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center is excited to announce Google classrooms for educators in the areas of technology and mathematics.

They are designed to assist teachers and administrators create engaging learning for students in the traditional classroom or remotely.


The new technology training series, “Guide to a Successful Google Classroom”, is available for elementary and secondary teachers. The goal is not only to help teachers create more interactive online learning, but to engage students more deeply to use and create content remotely using a wide variety of technology tools.

The online classrooms have lessons, activities, and resources for teachers to design successful lessons for their students. The elementary and secondary series each include 13-17 different topics containing more than 20 detailed lesson plans with suggestions to meet the needs of all learners. The “How-To” section contains many connections to help teachers recreate the lessons. Videos and websites are included to support the lessons and provide help for students working online. They also show how to engage students in the content.

The lessons were designed at the beginners’ level using Google Maps, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Jamboard, and Audacity. Teachers will have access to both elementary and secondary levels to explore all the lessons.

—Michelle Vance


Technology Google Classroom: Grades 6-12 – Beginners


Google Classroom: K-5-Beginners


Created by Gifted/Mathematics Consultant Leanna Ferreira, these classrooms, based on an in–depth presentation by the Ohio Department of Education’s mathematics consultants, will help administrators lead teachers through evidence-based practices in mathematics instruction. The series provides numerous tools, including facilitator’s guides, videos, and conversation starters to engage teachers as they learn how to deepen their students’ understanding of mathematics. Coached through the lens of explicit instruction, the information can be used in traditional classrooms or remotely.

As a fellow math teacher, we all wish to see our students engage in the math content in meaningful ways. The resources and conversations contained in this classroom aim to provide instructional leaders the opportunity to foster greater opportunities for creating engaged mathematicians in our classrooms.

—Leanna Ferreira


Math Classroom

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