Google Classroom Handbook by Magisted Online Education

Learn the basics of Google Classroom in a short-effective training course. You will get a Handbook, as a guide for your learning. With this course you will be able to:

● Create classes, announcements and different assignments

● Identify each component of Google Classroom and how to use it to engage students

● Learn how to communicate with students

● Have a list of sites, add-on and app’s to enrich classes and strengthen students involvement

Activities you will learn to do with Classroom:

1. Create or join a class

2. Select theme

3. Class code

4. Sign in and Classroom Settings

5. Send an email invitation

6. Remove students

7. Invite teacher

8. Modify class settings

9. Grading

10. Delete a class

11. Create an assignment, Quiz, Question or material

12. Grade an assignment or quiz

13. Post announcement

14. Email students

15. Assign work to Specific student

16. Scheduled assignment

17. Use assignments in multiple classes

18. Reuse assignments

19. Send links to assignments

20. Editing assignments

21. Create a rubric for an assignment

22. Give student’s permission

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