COVID FALLOUT: Southwest Airlines Just Made a Bold Move That’s Very Different From What Its …

Southwest Airlines Just Made a Bold Move That’s Very Different From What Its Competitors Are Doing. Is It Risky or Smart?
Southwest is trying to do one thing. At Harvard Business School, they say to do the opposite.

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Pray Team Jesus for the World, so many are dying worldwide of COVID. We are praying for all those touched by this horrible disease. No end in sight to this pandemic. Today there were 2 deaths and 426 new cases reported in New Mexico, the highest in a long time!

Texas doctor, 28, dies of COVID-19: “She wore the same mask for weeks, if not months”
Adeline Fagan tested positive in early July and died in September – one of more than a dozen health workers to have died from the virus

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Coronavirus cases are rising across the nation: “We are overwhelmed”
Nine states are setting new records for infections, particularly in Wisconsin and Kentucky, as the US surpasses 7.5 million cases.

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Update: COVID Catastrophe In Israel
The COVID-19 crisis in Israel remains out of control.

Here’s what to watch this week:

  • Nine million Israelis remain in full national lockdown, as they have throughout the last few weeks of the High Holidays.
  • Yet still, the death toll is soaring.
  • Last week, I noted that more Israelis have died from the coronavirus (1,507 people) than from all the wars and terror attacks for the last 20 years (1,411 people).
  • Since then, another 250 Israelis have died from COVID, bringing the death toll to 1,757 people.
  • Meanwhile, another 273,826 Israelis have tested positive for COVID, of which 875 are considered serious cases.

As you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, please pray for the health of all Israelis. Please pray for a quick and full recovery for all Israelis who are battling the virus.

And please pray, too, for the comfort of those who have lost loved ones due to the virus during this crazy, cruel year.

(photo credits: All Israel News, Reuters and Flash 90)

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Prayers to Pray During This Pandemic

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