Siskiyou Gold CBD Hemp Flower Buds For Sale

Unknown – Speculated to be 60% Sativa | 40% Indica

Mixed greens from light to dark, orange & with the occasional purple fleck. Frosty with an abundance of cream-colored trichomes with plentiful red/brownish pistils. The product photos are of the actual batch of Siskiyou Gold on sale.

Siskiyou Gold buds are more subtle in aroma than some other CBD strains. Not to distract from the delightful aroma you would expect. It is earthy, hoppy, woody, minty freshness & piney with a follow up of sweetness.

Siskiyou Gold Taste
Siskiyou Gold CBD flower tastes fresh and slightly tangy, isn’t overpowering, not too harsh on the throat and lungs when consumed. Similar to its aromatic characteristics, the taste is subtle but enjoyable. Earthy, a touch of mint, with a finish of sweetness.

Siskiyou Gold gets to work almost immediately after consumption, instant relief, and aches melt away. These Siskiyou Gold flowers have been a firm favorite with our pre release testers & staff. Reports that small amounts are uplifting, energetic, yet calming. More significant amounts seem popular for night-time with a full-body relaxing & mellowing for the perfect sleep aid.

Cannabinoid Profile
CBD/CBDa – 0.71%/14.1% Post Decarb: 15.1%
CBGA 0.4%
CBG 0.1%
D9-THC – 0.3%
THCA – 0.4%

Total Measured Cannabinoids 20.67%

Total THC = THCa * 0.877 + d9-THC. Total CBD = CBDa * 0.877 + CBD
LOQ = Limit of Quantitation; The reported result is based on a sample weight with the applicable moisture content for that sample; Unless otherwise stated all quality control samples performed within specifications established by the Laboratory.

Top 6 Terpenes in Siskiyou Gold

β-Myrcene, δ-3-Carene, Ocimene, δ-Limonene, α-Humulene, β-Caryophyllene

Terpene Profile
β-Myrcene – 5.5 mg/g
δ-3-Carene – 3.9 mg/g
Ocimene – 2.7 mg/g
δ-Limonene – 2.5 mg/g
α-Humulene – 0.9 mg/g
β-Caryophyllene – 0.8 mg/g
Camphene – 0.8 mg/g
α-Pinene – 0.6 mg/g
(-) -β-Pinene – 0.4 mg/g
Linalool – 0.2 mg/g
γ-Terpinene – 0.2 mg/g
(-)-α-Bisabolol – 0.1 mg/g
cis-Nerolidol – 0.1 mg/g
Terpinolene – 0.1 mg/g
(-)-Isopulegol – 0.1 mg/g
(-)-Guaiol – 0.1 mg/g
Geraniol – 0.05 mg/g
trans-Nerolidol – 0.05 mg/g
p-Cymene – 0.05 mg/g
Caryophyllene Oxide – 0.05 mg/g

Total Measured Terpenes 2.1%

Siskiyou Gold CBD Hemp Flower Bud Sizes: Mostly Medium-sized buds, some large and small.

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