Can‘t Enjoy Weed

Everytime I smoke weed it’s 19/20 cases a very lethargic and stoned high, I’m down after even one puff.

I get introverted, overanalyzing and I kind of feel my body very strongly but only focus on the negatives and panic. My anxiety and especially social anxiety increases. My self worth and self esteem get very low. I get lethargic and lazy. I can’t think clearly anymore, can’t be creative, talkative or social. My motivation and inspiration is on zero. My body and head feel negatively strange, kind of unhealthy. I think about getting less air and that my heart is racing.

What could I do to learn enjoying weed and being high, happy and eased on it? Sure switching strains, I already tried that. Did anyone of you experience the same and learned to enjoy being high?

Why I always continue trying it? Because there’s no one I know who doesn’t enjoy weed, they love it and it makes them loving and lovely too. I’m kind of chasing this magic for a long time.

Might I maybe be a non responder? Well but probably can’t be. A year ago I smoked daily for maybe 2 weeks and somehow weed finally worked, every high was great! That was the only span weed worked for me. I don‘t know why it worked and before or now it gives me all these horrible shitty negative down effects.

Might I maybe just be a bit allergic to cannabis? Is there something like that? My nasal mucosa gets swollen and it’s harder to breathe. That’s in the most cases like this when I smoke.

I also suffer from depression and social anxiety since I‘m 15 (now 21) if that helps somehow. I mean many people use weed for mental health issues like exactly these.

Let me know about your experiences and suggestions. What could I do to enjoy being high and getting advantages from this wonderful miracle plant?

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