Ten Flavorful Marijuana Strains to Welcome Fall

Fall doesn’t technically start until September 22, but Walmart has had Christmas decorations for sale since August, so maybe we’re late to the party. And with so many flannels and seasonal flavors to enjoy, we don’t want to skip out on autumn, do we?

Although there’s no Pumpkin Spice Kush out yet (thankfully), there are plenty of cannabis strains that carry the sweet and savory hints of fall drinks and dishes like spiced apples, coffee, chocolate and even roasted garlic. To help you get in the mindset for the season, here are ten strains that taste like autumn.

Bubba Kush
Perfect for a crisp, fall evening, Bubba Kush has a distinct smell, filling your nose with scents of soil, coffee and dark chocolate, followed up by the subtle odor of rubber. Upon smoking, strong earthy and hash-like flavors (sometimes accompanied by a sweet but rubbery one) are followed up by notable tastes of chocolate or coffee. A tasty bedtime smoke in any season, but especially nice for colder nights.

Garlic Juice

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