Stray Kids Debut On Global YouTube Artists Chart As “Back Door” Earns #13 On Music Videos …

For the first time ever, Stray Kids appear on the Global YouTube Artists Chart.

The group earns #87 on the listing, courtesy of the 45.9 million total YouTube views Stray Kids received during the September 11-17 tracking period.

New release “Back Door” contributed handsomely to the figure. Credited with 17.6 million tracking period views, the official music video earns #13 on YouTube’s Global Music Videos Chart. The video, moreover, ranks as the week’s top new entry.

With other eligible streams included, “Back Door” received a total of 19.2 million tracking period streams on the platform. The count yields a #22 debut on the Global YouTube Songs Chart, with “Back Door” also ranking as that chart’s top new entry.

Of note: “Back Door” did not arrive until the fourth day of the tracking period.

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