Fall weather this weekend

TODAY: Sunny Skies. Cool. High: 63.
TONIGHT: Clear Skies. Chilly. Low: 40.

SUNDAY: Sunny Skies. Cool. High: 63.

So nice to see those blue skies back and a normal-looking sun. We can thank a big area of high pressure to our north for the beautiful skies, and we can thank the jet stream being to our south for getting the wildfire smoke out of our skies.

When the jet stream is south of us, we’re cooler than average. Case in point, this weekend! Highs are in the low 60s–10 degrees below average–as the jet stream sits to our south. The jet stream will lift north of us early next week, so our highs go on the rise! When the jet stream is north of us, we’re warming than average. This is how we can get back to 78 on Wednesday and 80 on Thursday!

Enjoy a sunny and dry week ahead! There will be a few showers and storms pop up Thursday night with a weak cold front, but that happens when it’s dark. That cold front takes highs back to more seasonal number in the low 70s for next weekend. Right now, next weekend looks sunny and dry!



WOW! What a nice day. Enjoy the sunny, blue skies. The wind is not even noticeable from the north at 5 to 10 MPH. Though, it sure feels like fall in the low 60s. Fall starts on Tuesday.

Sep 19 2020

Feels cool today!


Check out the stars in those clear skies!! The moon is nearly new, so it’s really dark. Mars is orange and really big these days. Look for it high in the southern sky. Also in the southern sky, you can see Jupiter and Saturn right after sunset for a few hours. They’re next to each other.

It will be chilly tonight when you’re out as temperatures drop to 40. Head’s up for the Poconos: you’re in the 30s tonight. There’s a frost advisory for counties north of I-80.

Sep 19 2020 Night

Chilly tonight!


Same weather as today.

Sep 20 2020

Same weather as Saturday.

This Week

You’ll see sunny skies every day this week. The 70s return on Tuesday, and the 80s make a brief appearance on Thursday. Then, back to more seasonal low 70s for next weekend.

Week Ahead Week of Sept 20 2020

After some unseasonably cool 60s, temperatures get more average on Tuesday. Then, we climb above average for much of the rest of the week ahead. Average highs are in the mid to low 70s these days.


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