1st timer – single parent with teens – 15 & 17 which hotel – Barbados Forum

Hi thinking of booking Barbados (on recommendation) for July 2021 as prices are so good at the moment – have narrowed it down to three hotels

1 Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels

2 Sugar Bay Barbados

3 Waves Hotel & Spa by Elegant Hotels

and can’t seem to choose ! hoping someone here could help ! My son is very active and sociaable – will enjoy lots of organised activities beach volleyball/tennis and kayaking, sailing paddleboarding – he likes good food too. My daughter loves the sea and snorkelling/a bit of culture/scenery – I am looking to go all inclusive as I gather its quite expensive to eat out all the time and cannot work out whether we will need to pay for the paddle boards/kayaks etc at the hotels – ideally I need a hotel that provides as much activity for free!! I would like some yoga if possible – but a free bar and beach will do me fine !!

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