The Next Waze Update Will Bring Highly Anticipated Fixes for Android Auto Users

Waze and Google Maps are without a doubt the most popular choices when it comes to navigation apps, not only on Android but also on Android Auto.
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Both owned by Google, these two solutions receive updates on a regular basis, not only to get new features but to fix things that aren’t working exactly as expected.

And the next version of Waze will without a doubt be good news for Android Auto users.

First and foremost, Google has already confirmed that Waze 4.67 will fix the app no longer being able to determine users’ locations after the update to Android 11. In other words, if you came across this problem and the app can’t figure out where you are, make sure that you install then new Waze version launching next week.

In the meantime, one workaround is to just check the location permissions on Android, as Waze needs to be configured to have full access in order to work properly. For some reason, setting Waze to access the location only when using the app is what breaks it down.

The latest beta build of Waze, however, provides us with an early look at more fixes coming to users.

For example, Waze 4.67 will fix notifications not showing on Android Auto, as this is a problem that several users reported in the last few weeks. In addition, this update will address the crash experienced when selecting the mood on the Batman and Riddler pop-up, which itself is a limited-time feature that lots of users seem to love.

There are also fixes for the login screen and the bottom panel UI, according to the beta release notes.

Beginning with this update, the map buttons will be hidden in landscape mode, and the Waze team says this is necessary to avoid overlapping, with everything to show up again when starting navigation.

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