Naidu calls out newly elected members, Union Minister, Cong Chief Whip

Ravi S. Singh
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, September 14

Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu on Monday called out the majority of newly elected members for not sporting their face mask properly while taking the oath, and for forgetting to sign on the record book of the House.

Also, he called to order Union Law and Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Chief Whip of the Congress in the House, Jairam Ramesh, for being engaged at seats in the House other than ones allotted to them while the proceedings of the oath-taking were in progress.

About 15 members, with good many of them being first-timers, took the oath.

Known for being unsparing with rules, Naidu gave the first-timers an idea about his well-known punctuality with rules and norms.

Oath taking was the first business of the House on the opening day of the Monsoon Session.

The first on the roster to take the oath was Ajit Kumar Bhuyan, an Independent from Assam. His dangling mask away from his face was noted by Naidu. The Member was pointed out right in the middle of his oath-taking to don the mask properly.

Ironically, the majority of Member repeated the same mistake, but Naidu pointed to each of them.

Majority of them forgot to sign on the record book after the tang oath, and on each occasion, Naidu reminded them about the protocol.

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