New to marijuana, want to try as sleep aid

I’m interested in using marijuana to induce sleepiness. However I do not know how best to do this as I’m ignorant of (almost) all things marijuana.

Question: What methods and forms of consumption would provide the most predictable and repeatable sleepiness outcome?

Potentially helpful information:

  • non-burning is highly preferable. Wife hates the smell of weed smoke.

  • I’ve found edibles can knock me out, but they take 2-4 hours for me it seems. I’d like something that kicks in a bit faster, and consistently.

  • I’m not made of money, but if it works well I’ll pay.

I’m well aware that different people react differently to marijuana. This is why I’m interested in learning what the most accurate dosing and/or fast acting methods are, so I can discover for myself how or if this is a good course for me.

Thanks to any and all you can help guide me!

Background for the curious: I’ve gone the medical route, which has helped with sleep in a few areas. However I’m out of traditional options without going down the addictive sleep street.

I have timely responsibilities which is why “kick in whenever at god knows what strength” doesn’t work so well. It’s more like “you may now sleep for 8 hours, go!”.

I’ve spent some time with google, but the web seems full of promises from sleep products that I believe are overselling themselves. Did they find actual snake oil salesmen and hire them to right their ads?! They also appear to cost significantly more than what the base marijuana can be purchased for locally. Thus I’m here shamefully showing my ignorance to the fine people of reddit. Please be kind 🙂

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