Is credit Karma safe?

Credit Karma is very much accurate. What’s inaccurate is people have a tendency to think Vantage Scores and FICO scores are the same, so once they see a decent Vantage Score on CK they go try and get a car or mortgage only to be told their FICO score is much lower because the two models weigh things differently (the most egregious is collections; Vantage ignores paid collections, but FICO does not until 9 becomes more widely used).

Rather than calling CK “inaccurate,” it’s more accurate to describe the Vantage Score it provides as an educational tool, as score increases mean you’re doing something right, even if FICO might take a temporary dip (eg paying off a collection or loan). Penny in CK’s mobile app gives solid credit advice, and your credit info in CK is only as accurate as your Equifax and TransUnion reports are.

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