getting 150 mbs on gig line (except on Spectrum’s speed test, of course)

hey folks

New to Spectrum here after living with symmetric 2gbs fiber for the last few years. Sigh, this has been painful.

tl;dr: I’m only getting about 150mbs down, wired connection, multiple tests.

Currently, I have two lines:

  1. 1 gbs / 40mbs

  2. 400mbs / 30mbs (I think?)

I got the 2nd connection to help with the upload bandwidth.

For hardware, I use my own DOCIS 3.1 modems. They are connected to enterprise gear. The router is capable of 2gbs throughput and dual WAN. All my cabling is CAT6 or fiber.

How I’m testing (from a computer connected to the router via CAT6):

  • ~150mbs down, 35mbs up

  • iperf3 -c -P 5 ~ 35mbs down

  • (local server, about 1mi away) ~550mbs

  • iperf3 through a site-to-site VPN where the other host is on a solid 500mbs connection ~23mbs

I’ve also tested:

– directly connected to the gig connection modem … basically same results

– with IPV6 disabled

By all accounts, it appears to me that this is a peering issue or traffic shaping on Sepctrum’s part.

FWIW I’m not testing the 2nd line much… I really only care about it for upload bandwidth. Combined, we have about ~70mbs up (understanding it’s not additive in that way). That’s pretty low, but I guess its what I have to live with. Works as advertised at least.

Anyone have any experience with their support and know any shortcuts for help? I haven’t called in. I. suspect I’m going to be told that since I’m getting 650mbs on their speed test that I’m ‘within spec’. … I’m sure I’ll also get told something about using my own gear, yada yada.

Any chance of seeing true ~960mbs speeds or is Spectrum just….not cool?

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