Take your pick: 80-square-foot reclaimed cabin or 366-square-foot upcycled silo? (In other words, how cozy do you want to get?)

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16. August um 15:51


At this beachside cottage, the summer breeze alone is enough to make you feel fine. But the patio makes you feel flat-out fantastic.
Design: @mindygayerdesign
📷: @lanedittoe

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23. August um 15:21


We never would’ve thought of some of these design details, but now we can’t stop thinking about them. BRB, going to the hardware store.
📷: (IG) styleitprettyhome

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21. August um 17:02


Alfresco dining: a fancy way to say that you’re eating outside and maybe even make leftovers sound exciting.
📷: (IG) @sideangleside.co

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18. August um 16:22


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