Changes in Spotify reveal a new artist as the most listened to

Changes in Spotify reveal a new artist as the most listened to

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Spotify has become one of the proofs that streaming has been the greatest guideline that exists today, to be able to consume content with which we have accompanied our activities as a safeguard, especially due to the ease offered by these media, to put available to users a wide catalog of content.

It is worth taking into account the value that brands play today, in the way we get content that has become a benchmark in the market, having said that, an aspect that we cannot lose sight of alerts us to the role played by the variety of content in the market.

Spotify – Making Sound Kool

Changes to Spotify

There are changes in the preferences of today’s audiences, especially in the face of the cOVID-19 pandemic that we face and which has become a drastic change in the face of which we have to face a series of challenges, especially when having than to innovate in the market.

Something that is worth taking into account are the changes that have been carried out within this platform, especially now that many people have been able to face this pandemic with confinement at home.

With this new guideline, an aspect that we must take into account is the one that warns us of the opportunity with which the different streaming media options have increased, especially due to the demand that these contents have had on our habits such as work distance and now the classes to be taken under these conditions.

An element that has changed in the midst of these trends is the preference for certain artists, such as Ariana Grande, who has become the most listened to singer on the platform, ousting Rihanna, who was one of the leading artists so far in streaming.

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