Trump Rally Remarks Bring Cannabis Into November Election

In remarks at a rally in Wisconson Trump raises cannabis on ballots as an election ploy….

Marijuana Moment reports

The president, who has rarely weighed in on cannabis policy without being prompted, said in extemporaneous remarks at a campaign event that he blames marijuana legalization efforts on former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) defeat in the 2018 election.

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Legalization was not on the statewide ballot in Wisconsin in 2018—though there were several local, non-binding measures on reform proposals that passed that year.

“The next time you run please don’t put marijuana on the ballot at the same time you’re running,” Trump said, directing his advice to Walker, who was in the crowd. “You brought out like a million people that nobody ever knew were coming out.”

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Trump Voices Concern That Putting Marijuana On The Ballot Makes Republicans Lose

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