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Dental Health and Cannabis

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Dental Health and Cannabis

Written By: Melissa C.

By now you have probably heard a hundred potential benefits associated with using cannabis medication.  With all the wild claims and speculation running rampant within the industry, it is very difficult to figure out truth from fiction.  As Americans we are accustomed to precise medications with a very small therapeutic potential for multiple disease types.  For example, if you have the flu, you must take a medication for fever, another medication for the infection, a steroid to reduce systemic inflammation, and so on.  When we look at cannabis medication, it is akin to firing a shotgun with therapeutic potential scattered amongst multiple body systems with the potential for treating multiple conditions.  One particular ingredient, known as CBD, has been found to have up to 65 distinct molecular targets within the body!  One estimated benefit of cannabis medication is particularly intriguing.  The potential of cannabis to improve our dental health has been studied and scientifically proven.

Cannabis is a plant filled with hundreds of different “ingredients” with potential to help in many different conditions.  We are seeing more and more dental products containing cannabis-derived ingredients such as mouth wash or toothpaste.  When considering how cannabis works in the body (acting as a pain reliever, bone-builder, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial), it isn’t such as stretch to imagine this benefiting our oral health as well.  One pharmaceutical company, Axim Biotech, recently applied for a patent for its CBD toothpaste, demonstrating the effectiveness of this potential dental therapy.  Others have followed suit with CBD mouthwash and other CBD infused products.  Many proponents report a positive effect on toothaches as well when CBD is applied directly to the problem area.  Teeth grinding, or bruxism, has also shown a positive response to cannabis therapy, specifically a CBD and CBN combination.  Other individual ingredients found in cannabis (and other plants), known as terpenes, are already used in many dental care products.  One example is eucalyptol, which is found in many leading mouthwashes today (just read it off my mouthwash bottle from Wal-mart). 

Incorporating cannabis into your dental hygiene practices doesn’t require purchasing a separate, expensive product.  If you already have CBD oil on hand, add a few drops into your toothpaste or mouthwash and use as normal to receive its benefits without any additional stress or expense.  Other ways to include this miracle plant into your dental health regimen are listed here.  A recipe for infusing your own toothpaste is available here, as well. 

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