WhatsApp: Discover how to chat from your TV

If you want to watch all your chats and WhatsApp messages through your TV, we will show you step by step how you can achieve it

WhatsApp does not rest for a single moment and every time it surprises by launching new functions that in addition to the mobile can also be used on other devices such as TV, although you may not believe it, this is possible, but how can you achieve it?

Smart TVs mostly have the Android operating system, and this makes it possible for them to be compatible with numerous applications and games that are within it. And the instant messaging app is no exception.

However, as such WhatsApp is not within the Google Play Store of Android TV, but there are different ways in which you can use it without making it difficult for you to use it at all. Quite the contrary, it becomes much easier.

The solution would be through WhatsApp Web, and for this you must install one of the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox. It is also essential that you use a mouse for your TV, whether it is connected by Bluetooth or by cable since several menus do not work with the remote control.

So you can have WhatsApp on your television

If you want to have WhatsApp on your television, you just have to perform the following steps:

Go to the Google Play store of your Android TV and look for a file manager app, the TV File Commander app could be useful.
Now download the latest version of Google Chrome for Android from Apk Mirror and upload the file to your drive account.
Open TV File Commander on your TV, connect with your Google Drive account and run the Google Chrome Apk installation.

You must take into account that as Chrome is a file that is not compatible with Android TV, the access will not appear on the TV interface. So you are required to have the Sideload Launcher app.

Open Sideload Launcher and run Chrome.
Go to Chrome settings and select the desktop view.
Now open web.whatsapp.com in the Chrome of the TV.
Go to WhatsApp from your mobile, enter settings and choose WhatsApp Web.
Scan the QR Code of the TV with the mobile and you must log in to the web browser.

This way you will be able to have your WhatsApp on your TV and it must be executed correctly. However, consider that since it is not an app that should be on your television, it may present errors so you should be patient.

With your Smart TV you can do different things such as install apps that may not be installed on it with the process mentioned above. You should consider that these apps are at your own risk.

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