The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this weekend

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The weekend marks a special time in the week when you can browse the web to your heart’s content without feeling like you should be doing anything more productive with your time. For two whole glorious days, you’re completely, 100 percent free to get lost in a rabbit hole of articles (do you know what a pulse oximeter is and why you might need one?), social media and yes, even Amazon deals. 

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In fact, the latter is exactly how I spent my morning, sussing out the five most incredible markdowns the mega-retailer has to offer. From a life-changing tub drain (yes, really!) to a diaper pail that’s seemingly sent from the heavens, I’ve laid out all of the very best options for you below. Happy reading, friends! 

1. Save 10%: This salt scrub with nearly 6,000 reviews

I don’t know about you, but anything involving self care is very much up my alley right about now, and according to Amazon shoppers, this First Botany Cosmeceuticals coffee scrub is just what the doctor ordered. On sale for 10% off when you check the coupon box beneath the price to drop it from $15.45 to $13.90, this highly-rated pick is infused with coffee grounds, anti-oxidants and cacao coconut shea butter to rejuvenate skin like none other. While we haven’t tried this specific brand ourselves, it boasts nearly 6,000 glowing ratings from Amazon customers, who say it’s moisturizing and smells great, though they do warn not to use it on freshly shaven or broken skin, as it can sting. 

Get the First Botany Cosmeceuticals Coffee Scrub for $13.90 (Save $1.55)

2. Less than $15: This game-changer of a tub drain

If ever there was a life-changing gadget, the TubShroom, once $19.95 and now $12.99, would be it. (You can also get it at Walmart for $1 cheaper.) In fact, after trying it out for a year, Melissa Rorech, our video producer and editor, who rocks a flowing curly mane, vowed to never shower without it again. She’s certainly not alone, either: It’s got a whopping 37,400+ reviews from shoppers on the site to boot. This mushroom-shaped silicone device pops right inside most drains and catches a ton of hair. Melissa also found it super easy to clean, though she warned that it can get funky after awhile, so you may need to do a more thorough washing every so often.

Get the TubShroom for $12.99 (Save $6.96)

3. $23 off: This automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs

We’re all about solution-based products here at Reviewed, and for pet owners with animals who tend to eat just a little too often (or quickly), this PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed automatic pet feeder offers up just that.This machine regularly goes for $99.95 on Amazon, but right now, you can nab it for $77.43 to save a cool $22.52. When we tried it out, we were impressed with its customizable portion options (choose from one-eighth of a cup to 4 cups). There’s even a “slow feed” mode that will parcel out your pet’s kibble bit-by-bit over a 15-minute period. Its conveyor belt design means food is less likely to get stuck, and the locking lid means Fido or Fifi won’t be able to bust into the food source. As a word of caution, however: It can be a bit tricky to set up, and it dispenses slightly less food than you set it for, so you may want to increase the portion settings if you’re worried your furry friend won’t get a big enough meal.

Get the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder for $77.49 (Save $22.52)

4. 21% off: This genius blender in a bottle

You won’t need to waste time with blender when you have this genius BlenderBottle shaker cup on hand. Equipped with its own included BlenderBall whisk to smooth out any supplements, peanut butters, sauces or anything else that you regularly add to your drinks, this invention is a do-it-all wonder. The whisk itself is made with a 316 surgical-grade stainless-steel that’s designed to remain in the bottle during use and never rust, chip or peel. This cup is dishwasher-safe, BPA- and phthalate-free, has a wide-mouth, and, perhaps most impressively, it actually works—at least according to the nearly 19,000 Amazon shoppers who have given it a collective 4.7-star rating. Right now, you can pick one up in black, which is normally $9.99, for $7.88. The clear/blue or navy colors are also on sale for $7.99, or you can get it in gray at Target for $6.39.

Get the BlenderBottle Shaker from $7.88 (Save $2 to 2.11)

5. Save 25%: Our favorite diaper pail of all time

If you’re working from home while simultaneously taking care of your little one, you could probably use all the extra helpers you can get. Enter: the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete. This product that was built to make at least one element of your day a little bit easier. Since it uses two spring-loaded arms that pin the bag shut, it’s extremely efficient at keeping odors from soiled nappies under wraps. It’s also equipped with antimicrobial protection to inhibit bacterial growth on the pail. Though the company claims it can hold up to 270 dirty diapers, we found that we needed to change it every two to three days while testing it. Replacement bags can also be expensive, so we also recommend stocking up on this compatible third party option ($13.99 for 1080), which are far less pricey.

Get the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete from $37.44 (Save $12.55)

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