Fulton teen whips up coffee for charity

Fulton teen whips up coffee for charity

Kayla Weaver loves making coffee.

For years, Kayla, a junior at Fulton High School, has been making and delivering coffee through the school coffee shop.

When school shutdown this spring, Kayla found she missed the coffee.

“She started making mine every morning,” Kayla’s mother, Heather Weaver, said. “A friend of ours said, ‘Why don’t you guys start delivering to people in the community?'”

And so, Kayla’s Koffee was born. Kayla makes and delivers whipped coffee ordered by friends and neighbors around the community. Then, she uses some of the profits to purchase school supplies to donate.

“I make my money, but there are kids who are very tiny, like 5 or 4, who have no money,” Kayla said. “So I donate my money to help the little kids.”

The Weaver’s also set up an online Facebook fundraiser that has raised more than $500 for school supplies, in addition to the funds made from coffee deliveries. She’s bought enought supplies to fill 50 backpacks. A friend donated the bags.

The family has been staying home and respecting social distancing.

“Being at home all the time, it’s a struggle for us,” Kayla’s father, Derek Weaver, said. “We’ve got to do it for health reasons. We’ve just got to keep our family safe and other people in the community safe.”

But staying home can get boring quick. Kayla’s Koffee has become an activity for the whole family, including Kayla’s parents and siblings, Jaiden, Olivia and Alexus, to get excited about and help out with.

“It really gives more purpose to the day to day,” Heather Weaver said.

This afternoon, Kayla’s family plans to set up a spot at the splash pad at Memorial Park to hand out backpacks stuffed with school supplies.

“It’s actually kind of brought the community together a little bit,” Derek Weaver said. “At this point in time, I feel like it’s what we need. It’s got nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. We’re all Callowegians, and we stick together and help each other out.”

Because of the pandemic, Kayla will be studying online this fall instead of returning for in-person classes. She plans to keep making coffee deliveries.

To order a coffee delivery, visit Kayla’s Koffee on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Kaylas-Koffee-117646440033410/ and schedule an appointment or see where she is handing out backpacks.

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