The Best YouTube to MP3 Converters

YouTube has never been more friendly to those searching for new music. If you love browsing YouTube for the latest music and putting together YouTube playlists of songs that you love, there are a number of online converters that will let you convert them to MP3s.

Before moving ahead, it should be noted that ripping audio from YouTube is a breach of YouTube’s terms of use, which could potentially get you in trouble. There are ways to access music from YouTube without breaking the rules, such as Google’s new YouTube Music service that will likely replace Google Play Music at some point — so we recommend you consider legitimate options first.

youtube to mp3 website screenshot

youtube to mp3 website screenshotscreenshot

Audio ripping sites have a reputation for not always delivering quality MP3 tracks or even becoming riddled with malware and phishing threats over time. YouTube to Mp3 seems to be different from the norm though. This is a site we’ve tested on a monthly basis, and so far it has consistently delivered good-quality audio and has been safe, fast, and easy to use. All you have to do is copy and paste the link from your desired YouTube video into the text box and hit Go. YouTube to MP3 will handle the rest.

4k youtube to mp3 website screenshot

4k youtube to mp3 website screenshotscreenshot

When it comes to ripping audio from YouTube videos, you’re actually not limited to just dodgy ripper sites. There are safe desktop software options as well. Take, for instance, 4K YouTube to MP3. This software actually works like an audio ripping site: All you have to is copy and paste your desired YouTube video’s link, and 4K YouTube to Mp3 will handle the conversion. In addition, you can do more with 4K YouTube to MP3 than just downloading single tracks, since it allows you to download full YouTube playlists as well.

It’s free to download and use and is available for Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu devices.

y2mate website screenshot

y2mate website screenshotscreenshot

Y2Mate is another super-simple paste-and-go tool, but it does have one feature that we like a lot that sets it apart from some of our other picks: It has integrated support for uploading to cloud platforms, which is really handy if you want to immediately share or sync your MP3 once it’s done downloading.

There is one caveat, however: Y2Mate does suffer from a number of intrusive pop-up ads. You will see them as you interact with the Y2Mate site, but they appear to be harmless. Just don’t click on them, and you should be fine to use Y2Mate. You should also take care to use antivirus software to scan both your browser and your newly downloaded MP3 for malware or phishing threats.

big converter screenshot

big converter screenshotscreenshot

Big Converter, like other YouTube audio-ripping sites, can convert your favorite videos into MP3s in just a few minutes. This service also includes the ability to save your downloads to Dropbox. And you’re not limited to just converting your videos to MP3; you can also convert them to other formats such as MP4, M4A, and even AAC. The one big drawback, though, is that Big Converter does have a lot of pop-up ads, so be sure to use a browser like Firefox or a third-party ad-blocker that’s able to block them effectively.

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