Private – Wake up, sunshine.

August 5th, Y109
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Apollo didn’t even bother using the door. One minute he was outside the house and the next minute he was on the other side of the door. He made his way through the dark house with ease, heading in the direction of the window he had seen Will through hours before with as much silence and grace as he could muster given his distraught state. His goal wasn’t to wake the whole house. His goal was to talk with the only person he kinda sorta knew in this god forbidden place.

As one might have expected, the last twenty-four hours hadn’t been kind to Apollo. First he was dragged into this place without his permission as if he were some other god’s play thing, then sun steeds set fire to the dry grass of a field he shouldn’t have been in the first place and on top of all that he found himself unable to get home once the blaze was under control.

He had been flying over the city in his chariot when the worst thing yet happened. The sun dipped below the horizon and the sun chariot was no longer the sun chariot. You could imagine his surprise when he and the sunsteeds started free falling through the air, chariot and all. If not for his ability to fly he would have made yet another huge mess he’d have to clean up before his father found out about it. Instead he managed to catch them all and lower them safely to the ground outside the city. The only good thing that came from this had been the small glimpse of Will in the window during their descent.

He made a note to thank Hestia later for this small blessing.

It didn’t take him long to ascend the stairs to the second floor. Nor did it take him long to reach the door he was looking for. There was no indicator that this was the right door but he slowly turned the knob and pushed it open all the same. The door creaked irritatingly as it did so making him wince but he knew it was for the best. Mortals were simple creatures. It was best to give them some indication there was someone entering the room or they tended to freak out once they knew and he was in no mood for freak outs today.

Luckily for him, he seemed to be the only one who noticed it as he approached the two boys in the bed. He smirked at the sight. ’Like father, like son,’ he thought to himself, forgetting his distress for a moment before bending down beside the blonde boy, reaching out and poking his nose.

”Pst, Hey Will,” he whispered, poking the boy’s nose again before continuing, ”Will. Wake up.”

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