Pizza Hut's New Double It Box Comes With Two Medium Pizzas, So There's Plenty To Share

One thing Pizza Hut knows how to deliver is big size at an even bigger value. Earlier this year, the chain brought back its iconic Big Dipper pizza, which is one pizza with 24 pieces and four dipping sauces. The length of the pizza is almost two entire feet, meaning it may not even fit on your dinner table.

On that fateful day, Pizza Hut promised the return of more big deals this year. And once again, it has delivered with the $12.99 Double It Box. The new extra-large boxes fit two entire medium one-topping pizzas, all in one place. Each medium pizza pizza comes with eight slices, and you get to choose from four dipping sauces to go with each one. The mouth-watering condiment flavors are: classic marinara, creamy garlic parmesan, barbecue, and buffalo.

When it comes down to it, one of the best parts about the Double It Box is that you don’t have to have a spirited discussion (er, argument?!) about toppings when it’s time to order, because there’s one pizza for you and a second for your boo. Or, if you’re single like me, just treat yourself to two pizzas for one low price. You deserve it!

FYI: You also have the option to upgrade your Double It Box by getting a one-topping pizza and a specialty pizza in the same box for $15.99 or two specialty pizzas in the same box for $18.99. (I’ve got dibs on a supreme!) Just be sure to double-check the price before you order, because prices may vary by location.

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