Metal Gear Solid V Is The Most Played Game Soundtrack On Spotify (Thanks To One Song)

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One might think, given its wide-ranging adoration, the most played video game music would be the heart-pulverizing Halo menu melody. However, it turns out the one game soundtrack assassinating the Spotify charts is none other than that of Metal Gear Solid V.

It’s not simply the entire album, either. No, it’s one single track by the Norwegian 1980s synthpop band A-ha. Take that, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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Some experiences are iconic for their revolutionary open-worlds, characters, gameplay, or some newfound narrative device, such as that of the split-rendered realities in The Medium. Then there are video games now long cherished for a set tracklist of tunes that not only uplift the overall title, but give it an additional level of c0nnective tissue, a device of unbound emotional feedback within the player.

Look no further than the aforementioned Grand Theft Auto series. The franchise has long prided itself on delivering not only an open-world experience as truly free as is possible, but also in-game radio stations that breathe life into its many massive worlds.

To understand this matrix and the varying numbers even more broadly, a new study done by the OLGB research hub underscores just how much one song can truly make or break the experience. For Metal Gear Solid V, of course, the in-game collection of cassette tapes allows it the upper hand, even against music-fueled runner ups like Rock n’ Roll Racing and Rock Band 3. Although nuclear disarmament may not have lasted all-too long, at least there’s good music to vibe to as a clash of WMDs rain hellfire across the Metal Gear Solid V map.

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Other notable entries on the list provided by OLGB include an unsurprising variety of FIFA, Guitar Hero, and Madden titles. These are joined by a plethora of skating titles, like skate and Pro Skaters 2, 3, and 4 – fancy some Real Big Phish, anyone? There’s also the (arguably) three best Grand Theft Auto soundtracks on the market, from the 80s haven of Vice City to the still-burgeoning sounds of Los Santos’ 90s hits in San Andreas. Both joined by the franchise’s modern-day fifth installment, which itself has a tracklist numbering 537 strong.

Then, there are even stranger listings, like Alan Wake coming in at 15 on the list of most played video game soundtracks on Spotify, and only a bit further down, listed at 21, is Saints Row: The Third (thanks, Kanye). Last, but certainly not least, at 25 is 1999’s Gran Turismo 2, which features most prominently My Hero by the Foo Fighters. Who knew video game soundtracks could get so much love on Spotify?

Though, clearly, nobody remembers the awesome mash-ups provided only in the shortlived DJ Hero series.

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