Four applications to repost on Instagram 2020

Learn about the best options to repost on Instagram and share the same content on your profile from other accounts

Although Instagram lets you share the stories of other users where you appear, it is more difficult to share the publications from the feed of other accounts, since at the moment, the direct function has not been implemented in the platform. But this can be solved with an external application to make repost.

What does repost mean? It is the content that is produced when a user shares or publishes the original material of another account, something that is very popular on social networks like Facebook or if you are familiar with Twitter, then you can compare it with Retweets.

Applications to repost on Instagram

Although Instagram does not have a button to directly share content such as Stories, there are applications that can make the process much easier, mentioning the original account, and here we list three options:


It is compatible with Android, iOS and there is even a version to use it from tablets. It allows you to repost photos and videos from other accounts within Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter and many more, so it is very complete.

The application will ask for the Instagram user registration and password to be able to repost other publications. Once inside you just have to go to the desired photo or video and click on “Repost”. The content will automatically be replicated with a small watermark to indicate the original account.


A completely free application available for iOS and Android devices that, in addition to making Instagram Reposts, also allows you to store the original Instagram publication in your gallery.

You just have to choose the publication and click on “Repost” so that the content, including the credits to the author, is shared in your account. For Android users, you must copy and paste the URL of the publication.

Easy Repost

It is free and compatible with iOS and Android systems, but it offers a paid version to remove ads and watermarks. However, its results are quick and easy to share on the user’s account.


Free application for iOS and Android that allows you to repost and store original Instagram posts. This option does not put watermarks and does not request the login like the rest of the applications.

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