Bentley Bentayga With Huge Spikes At Its Wheels Is An Abomination

The Bentayga did raise more than a few eyebrows amongst Bentley‘s traditional customers, but it proved to be a hit for the brand and is one of the best luxury SUVs currently on sale. Alas, this particular example that was recently spotted out in public is the most horrible we’ve ever seen.

This Bentayga appears to have been snapped in Texas and has fallen victim to the local ‘slab culture’ that originated in Houston. As such, it no longer features the stylish wheels that the Bentayga leaves the factory with and instead has a set of cheap-looking aftermarket wheels with huge spikes that protrude out, as the Reddit photo shows.

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Most of the ‘wire rims’ you find throughout Houston’s slab culture scene are produced locally but are ordinarily fitted to American muscle cars or sedans, including Cadillacs and Lincolns. This is the first time we’ve seen a vehicle as expensive and luxurious as a Bentayga fitted with such wheels. It goes without saying that they are an insult to the luxurious British SUV.

The stereotype of a Bentley buyer is typically someone who is classy and refined with a taste for the finer things in life. Granted, not everyone fits this description, but we can’t fathom why its owner saw fit to fit it with those spikes.

It’s not simply the style of the wheels that are at odds with the design of the Bentayga, it is also their size. Whereas the Bentayga leaves the factory with either 20-, 21-, or 22-inch wheels, these wheels are probably only 18-inchers and are far too small for a vehicle of this size. But, compared to those rims, that’s a misdemeanor because… well, just look at this thing!

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