Green Friday Roundup: CBD deals and more


November 27, 2019

Ready to overindulge and overspend? Me too. Sleigh bells and busy elves, mistletoe and all that. But wait, what if there was a better way to make it through Black Friday and the holidays? What if, instead of paying too much for soon-forgotten trinkets, you could take care of yourself, focus on healthy habits and encourage your loved ones to do the same?

Um… yeah. Easier said than done. As the days shorten and the nights get colder, your instincts are to hunker down with some comfort food and a hot toddy… and not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it’s always a good idea to take care of yourself. And that’s a little easier with the right CBD. 

A lot of people discovered CBD this year, for anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and other conditions. They also discovered that not all CBD is equal. That’s why we’ve put together a roundup of, let’s call them Green Friday deals on the best-quality CBD oil. We’ve also got deals on dry-herb vaporizers and even hemp clothing. 

Among these deals you’ll notice a common thread: This year we learned that the U.S. Hemp Authority (USHA) provides the strictest quality guidelines we could find. In a market lacking regulatory oversight, this is critically important (for more details, listen to our podcast with Marielle Weintraub, president of the board of the USHA). 

Kannaboomers recommends only brands that have been certified by the USHA, of  which there are only a few among the hundreds of brands on the market. The good news is that several of these brands have sales going on this week, so now if the ideal time to stock up and save on the best-quality CBD oil products available — and set yourself up for a healthier 2020. 


A shaman is a sacred medicine man, right? Well, Missouri-based American Shaman is USHA certified, so you can be confident that American Shaman’s entire line of organic tinctures, capsules, edibles and topicals test clean of heavy metals and insecticides. You’ll be glad to hear about American Shaman’s Black Friday deal: Save 30% with coupon code FRIDAY30. Don’t wait, this code is good only till Sunday, Dec. 1.

We especially like their American Shaman Replenishing Face Cream. It’s non-greasy, lightly scented, and a little goes a delightfully long way — and even further with 30% off! 


Charlotte’s Web is one of the leading CBD brands, and they also are USHA certified. A great way to get acquainted with the brand is to take the simple quiz at the Charlotte’s Web Product Finder. Whether you prefer tincture,capsule, edible or topical, you can take 25% off on orders of $274.99 or more (valid only on 11/28 and 11/29/2019) with coupon code BF25.

Or, you can:


Colorado-based Elixinol is another leading CBD oil brand that was among the first to earn USHA certification, with a full line of tinctures, capsules, topicals and pet products.

Their 3600mg Hemp Drops, available in natural and cinnamint flavors, are 35% off through Black Friday.

Other Elixinol tinctures are on sale too, and when I was poking around the site on Monday the chatbot told me various things would be going on sale throughout the week. 



There are still pre-boomers alive who might remember Hemp For Victory, a 1942 film from the U.S. government explaining the uses of hemp, and encouraging farmers to grow as much of it as possible. Even before that, Joe (Daddy Burt) Burton of Kentucky was growing a healthy hemp crop. Today, his great grandson Bob Estes is carrying on that legacy with USHA-certified Daddy Burt Hemp Co., offering top-quality CBD oil, topicals, edibles and pet products. Now is the perfect time to give them a try, as you can save 25% and get free shipping on all Daddy Burt products with code BlackF25. This offer is good from midnight on Black Friday until the end of Cyber Monday. 


Hemp is an amazing fabric too. If you’re seeking the perfect Earth-friendly gift, or you want a anti-microbial, moisture-wicking garment for yourself, now is the ideal time to pick up a few classic hemp t-shirts from Greenz Supply. Use the code GREENFRIDAY to save 30% at checkout. I bought quite a few hemp t-shirts this year, and the two Greenz Supply shirts I got are my faves. Catch our podcast with founder Skyler Lysaker here.  


You’re probably old enough to remember when vaping was all the rage. Then people started developing serious lung conditions, and it became clear that inhaling aerosolized carrier liquids is, um, a horrible idea. That’s why I removed pen-style CBD vaporizers from, and until we know more about vaping liquids of any sort, I am recommending dry-herb herb vaping as a safe alternative. For this you need a dry-herb vaporizer, and this comes with it’s own set of caveats: You want a vaporizer that’s not made with plastic and rubber parts, which can throw off harmful fumes when heated. 

I’ve found that Davinci vaporizers are well-made, with steel and ceramic components, and a user-friendly design. If you are seeking portability, the DAVINCI MIQRO is 33% smaller than its predecessor and easy to use. The MIQRO Explorer’s Collection comes with a boatload of accessories, including a USB charging cable, extended mouthpiece, MIQRO glove, grinder coin, carry can XL, extra 18350 battery and carrying case, and is now marked down to $159. Or if you don’t need the accessories, you can pick up the MIQRO by itself for just $119.

The MIQRO’s big brother, the full-featured Davinci IQ is also on sale, marked down from $279 to $229.


Remember those cheerfully cheesy year-end letters you’d get from Aunt Gladys? Here’s my version for this year. Which was a bit turbulent: 

  • Our son got out of the military in January, and that was a giant relief.
  • We put a condo on the market, and it went in and out of escrow, then back in. We didn’t make a killing, but did OK. Another giant relief.
  • My Dad’s fight against prostate cancer took a turn in the spring, and at the age of 93, he passed away on May 1, at home in his bed, surrounded by his children. It was about as good as it gets in terms of a peaceful, as pain-free as possible transition (we have him 100mg of CBD oil per day for months, and he did not complain about pain until the very end. This too was a relief, and a blessing.
  • I transitioned out of a job I had held for five years, and into a new job of my own creation: Researching the best CBD, cannabis and other plant-based medicines with an emphasis on personal wellness, interviewing experts in this realm, and sharing this information with anyone who’s interested. And yes, I am relieved to be out of the corporate life.
  • Trump. (Why do I suddenly have the urge to relieve myself?)


Relief is a theme this year, right? Truth is, we can all get knocked around by the daily turbulence in our lives, so we need some reliable forms of recovery. Is that why the term ‘self-care’ trending? is

For me, self-care means sticking to a daily routine that includes eating well, getting a work out, and a good night’s sleep. Hitting all three was often a challenge this past year, the sleep part especially. But in my experience, the judicious use of CBD oil and cannabis can help. For the aches and pains that can come with working out (and reaching a certain age), CBD oil in tincture or capsule form can provide relief, as does a topical CBD lotion or balm. 

CBD helps me relax and sleep better too. This is also true of small amounts of indica cannabis flower, inhaled by way of vaporizer, or taken as an edible, in the form of a gummy or cookie. 

There are lots of questions that come with this kind of info: What brand of CBD oil? Where do I get it? What’s the right dosage? What if the FDA says it could be harmful?

My mission is to help you answer these types of questions, as clearly and concisely as possible, via this newsletter, my podcast, and other info here at I’m excited about some other things I have on the drawing board for 2020, and can’t wait to share them. I’m glad to say I’m all in on this, and I think I’m well-suited. I have:

  • A passion for helping people achieve better wellness
  • Some righteous indignation over how we’ve been lied to about cannabis for almost 100 years, and the effects those lies and wrong-headed policies continue to have
  • The necessary editorial and marketing skills to get the word out, if I do say so myself.   

As cliche as it may sound, I’m truly thankful for the opportunity, and I’m appreciative that you’ve read this far. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your wellness journey, and I hope you have a Thanksgiving that’s… well, a relief.

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