Cannabis Information Skews Farm Statistics


When the cannabis receipts are removed from the mix, total crop receipts fall to $24.six billion, down two.three% from the very same period in 2018. A lot more provinces show a year-more than-year loss, with Saskatchewan crop receipts down three.two%, Alberta down four.1% and Manitoba down eight.six% from 2018.

Increasing pains exist in how this new sector really should be treated. One particular instance is observed in Alberta, exactly where the provincial government is altering the tax status for cannabis production facilities in 2020. Rather than treat these operations as agriculture operations and farm buildings, which permitted them to keep away from taxes paid to municipal districts and counties, the buildings will be assessed at industry worth and taxed at non-residential prices. Municipal Affairs minister Kaycee Madu stated that “Cannabis does not fall into regular definition of agriculture and really should not be tax exempt.”

Even though governments across the nation are forced to move immediately to deal with this sector, Statistics Canada really should show leadership in the way farm earnings statistics are reported in order to keep away from misleading headlines and negative policy choices.


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