Tone-Deaf Dinosaur Joe Biden and His 1984 Drug Policies


Shut up Biden, you are not going to be President anyway!

With the 2020 Presidential Elections in the United States not as well far off into the distant future, we’ll be forced to hear about the “different position” politicians will be pitching to acquire your votes. 1 of the “big wigs” inside the democratic celebration is “Creepy Uncle Joe”. You may try to remember Joe from shows like, “Old White Guy makes use of ‘tough on crime’ platform to jail millions of cannabis users” or “I’m good friends with a black guy who occurred to develop into President!”

Joe Biden lately created headlines since he expressed his outdated view on cannabis – “that he believes it may be a gateway drug”.

Naturally, for the vast majority of ‘Mericans, the concept of cannabis getting a gateway drug is ridiculous. Specifically because it has been disproven repeatedly more than the previous handful of decades. Considering that Biden is operating for president through the 2020 elections, we will be hearing far more about his positions on cannabis in the months’ ahead.

We’ll be maintaining a close eye on all the political positions, and most importantly, hunting at their flip-floppery on the concerns. Nowadays, we’re taking a further appear at “old Mr. Feelyhands”


Gateway Drug Theory

It baffles the thoughts to quote this in 2019

“The truth of the matter is, there’s not almost been adequate proof that has been acquired as to no matter whether or not it is a gateway drug,” the 2020 presidential candidate claimed at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas. “It’s a debate, and I want a lot far more ahead of I legalize it nationally. I want to make confident we know a lot far more about the science behind it.” – Supply

The dilemma with Joe’s statement is


  1. There is adequate proof to recommend that it is not a “gateway drug”
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  3. The “Gateway Theory” has been largely disproven
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According to Joe and his ilk, when a human getting consumes anything that they like, a pleasurable activity such as a drug – they will not have any self-manage to quit them from chasing far more-and-far more pleasure.

The concept is that “some drugs” are gateway drugs, but other individuals are not. Having said that, this does not make sense. If a drug is supposed to “hack the reward centers of the brain” and dupe it into possessing a euphoric match and then craving this expertise at higher intervals – it would stand to explanation that “anything can be a gateway experience”.

If you jump out of a plane, your serotonin and dopamine levels spike – you are basically higher. The term “adrenaline junky” does come to thoughts, but out of the vast majority of the “sports enthusiasts” out there, how numerous of them are adrenaline junkies?

Also, if cannabis had been a gateway drug…then wouldn’t alcohol and tobacco also be gateway drugs. How about coffee?

Why is it that with particular drugs, which includes opioids, prohibitionists think that these drugs are exempt from the gateway theory logic – however cannabis is most undoubtedly a gateway drug?

No matter which way you appear at it, the gateway theory does not stand the test of credibility and it also tends to make humans out to be mindless-pleasure centered beasts that do not know how to behave in public and needs the benevolent hand of “more evolved people” to guide them by way of their impure and impish techniques.

Biden has extended been a Drug War Advocate. Now that the drug war has fallen out of favor of the public eye he aims to transform the narrative surrounding his stance. “I’m nevertheless not on board, I’m just not going to be a ranging cunt about it!” In other words, “drugs are nevertheless terrible, but you will not get arrested for weed”. It nevertheless will not be legal, but at least you will not go to jail.


Why Biden just will not win

It is not like we need to genuinely care what Biden has to say, it is not like he’s going to be the subsequent President of the United States. If Biden goes against Trump, it is nearly 100% assured that Trump will serve a second term.

Biden is as well outdated. He’s old-college politician and accountable for stealing the liberty of millions of Americans. Biden need to not be excused for his crimes. He helped inflate the prison population, he helped murder hundreds of thousands of individuals in Mexico, he helped ramp up the drug war to what it is right now.

For Biden to assume manage more than the United States would be the unapologetic “Fuck you!” from the Man to the individuals. I do not feel that Biden will be permitted to be the democratic nominee, in particular because the vast majority of democrats realized that “Pro Weed = A lot more Votes!”

If it comes down to Biden vs Sanders – Sanders will be the ideal choose. He’s got far far more assistance from the younger demographics, nonetheless, we’re not even confident that he’ll be the democratic nominee. Possibly if he ran against Trump the initial time, issues would have been unique.








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