Corporate Social Duty and Cannabis: Do Great, Help the Neighborhood, and Modify the Conversation 


There are quite a few motives your cannabis business enterprise really should adopt a CSR plan. Right here are just six of them. 

Your Corporate Social Duty plan (we contact it Cannabis Social Duty) can take quite a few types, from employee volunteering and charitable donations to an ethically-sourced provide chain. And whilst performing superior is a reward in itself, getting an active neighborhood companion positively impacts the broader population and our sector – and that is the ideal outcome feasible. 

We kicked off our CSR plan in 2015 at Lightshade, and it is grow to be an necessary business enterprise pillar. 

I’d recommend you do the similar, here’s why. 

WOman gives presentation on charity

Help for legal cannabis grows as markets create, communities comprehend the worth of our preferred plant, and tax dollars are funneled back into cities that require a income increase. 

Nonetheless, the stigma persists. Our CSR plan aids fight the stigma and proves that cannabis is a good addition to the neighborhood. Quickly just after legalization, Colorado’s cannabis sector was blamed for a considerable enhance in folks experiencing homelessness. Our Corporate Social Duty initiative was created to address these issues (and falsehoods) and demonstrate to the neighborhood that we are not the trouble, but a answer.

There are 3 pillars to our CSR initiative, and we function closely with KindColorado to determine nearby organizations that align with every. The pillars are:

  • Men and women and households experiencing homelessness and intense poverty. 
  • Enhanced meals access for men and women and households in require.
  • Help for Colorado’s veterans. 

Neighborhood members see Lightshade personnel volunteering to assistance meals insecure populations with organizations like Denver Urban Gardens, households experiencing homelessness with the Gathering Location and Colorado Homeless Households, or contributing to applications that enable veterans with Project Sanctuary (amongst other folks). Simply because of our function, the broader neighborhood appreciates the efforts of the cannabis sector to enhance nearby communities.  

Give your dispensary it is why

We all have our motives for beginning a cannabis business enterprise. I assume most of you are motivated by profit on some level. It is business enterprise, just after all! 

But a healthful CSR plan can give your business enterprise a why that transcends profit. Other than the monetary reward, why does your business enterprise exist? What advantage do you give to the neighborhood? If you have difficulty answering these inquiries, a CSR plan defines the answers and justifies your existence to the neighborhood. 

Appeal to millennials. 

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Millennial customers handle roughly $200 billion in shopping for energy. Why is this vital? Simply because Millennials are 90% extra probably to obtain a solution that rewards society and the atmosphere. Regardless of stereotypes, young folks care and vote with their dollars. And they want to assistance ethical enterprises. Not only will they be extra probably to buy from you, but they’ll also really feel superior about performing it, even if it suggests they spent extra than they would have with a competitor.

Get obtain-in from personnel. 

Personnel are happier in the workplace when they know their employer has a mission beyond profit. Pleased personnel function tougher, are proud of their function, and they stick about. Happy personnel are also business enterprise evangelists and encourage pals, household, and even strangers to commit their dollars with you. 

A superior CSR plan has the added advantage of enhancing employee retention, and in an era exactly where personnel normally leave just after just six months, hiring and maintaining fantastic workers offers your cannabis business enterprise a competitive benefit. 

Competitive differentiation. 

Volunteers look at a field of flowers with arms in the air

How do you differentiate your self when you and your competitors present equivalent (or the similar) merchandise? A robust CSR plan offers customers a explanation to buy merchandise from you rather than your competitors (it is your why, just after all). It is a tool your cannabis business enterprise can use to stand out from the pack. 

CSR is the correct factor to do!

The cannabis sector is young and nonetheless defining itself. It is up to us to establish our sector as a force for superior. Eventually, that will only function if it is completed with authenticity. And we have to do it mainly because it is the correct factor – it is that uncomplicated. 


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