Final April, Well being Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad announced a new bill, pointing out that presently tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes are regulated beneath distinctive directives. Cigarettes are regulated by the Handle of Tobacco Item Regulations 2004 beneath the Meals Act 1983, whilst e-cigarette liquid containing nicotine falls beneath the Poisons Act 1952. “The new bill will underline all regulations and controls on e-cigarettes and vapes, which includes the sales recommendations,” he mentioned in the report.

The new act, which might even address the country’s tobacco contraband concern, will incorporate all elements of cigarettes and e-cigarettes, which includes the item contents, its manufacturing and the provide chain of the tobacco sector. Moreover, the measure would prohibit promotions and marketing, usage in public regions and use by minors.

The EVALI impact

Back in April, Dr Dzulkefly had mentioned that the aim was to submit the new act to the Lawyer General’s Chambers (AGC) for critique by the finish of the year. Having said that, the ministry has now mentioned that the current events which took spot in the US, have improved the urgency to critique the policies, and the final draft of the Act has been completed and submitted for a final critique.

“Increasingly additional research have shown vape/electronic cigarettes … are nevertheless damaging to human well being. Additionally, vapes/e-cigarettes are nevertheless not verified to be an powerful modality to quit smoking,” mentioned the ministry inaccurately. “We definitely hope that the new Act can be tabled in parliament subsequent year.”

Study Additional: Reuters

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