The Five Questions: Discussed By Cannabis MD: Dr. Mary Clifton


There aren’t too many MDs who work with cannabis at this moment in time in the NY/Metro area. Maybe out on the left coast there are more open minded MDs, but here in the New York City and the environs, traditional medicine has completely stigmatized even the most basic conversation surrounding the use of cannabis for anything other than purely recreational use. I know firsthand. I have several MDs and even a heart surgeon in my own family who are stigmatized by cannabis. Cannabis is treated by them as a pariah instead of a cure. My conversations with these people of healing have been pretty heated surrounding our healing plant.

When I discovered the break-through video and consultative work being practiced by Dr. Mary Clifton, I felt that her science and passion for cannabis-based healing should be celebrated, instead of negated. This information is easily accessible on her website for the canna-curious on all sides of this brand-new, yet five thousand year old subject. It’s not easy to talk about cannabis to an MD who is from the “Old School” of medicine. They don’t want to hear about it as I found out a couple years ago with a concern I had. I was able to get relief at a time when very few people were approved for the medical cannabis program in New Jersey. Hopefully through the inclusive work that Dr. Clifton is practicing around her footprint, more and more “traditional” doctors will at the very least, take note and learn from her enthusiasm for change. Cannabis is not that bad!

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