Veterans Advocate for Health-related Marijuana Expansion


AUSTIN, Texas — Advocates for marijuana reform had been in Austin this weekend for the second annual Texas Marijuana Policy Conference.

  • Members of the Texas Veterans for Health-related Marijuana
  • Want health-related marijuana access to treat PTSD
  • Told individual stories through conference

Members of the Texas Veterans for Health-related Marijuana participated in the conference, continuing their push for legislation to expand health-related marijuana access to treat PTSD.

Their message was encapsulated by an art piece named “Operation Trapped,” created up of hundreds of pill bottles.

“The pill bottles are incredibly crucial. They symbolize a veteran trapped in the pharmaceutical, the routine,” mentioned veteran Robert Head.

Every single pill bottle belongs to a veteran, carrying a note saying why they want a health-related marijuana system in Texas.

“Our message in a bottle to Governor Abbott and our legislators is that we decide on this organic medicine rather than the tablets,” mentioned David Bass, veteran and founder of Texas Veterans for Health-related Marijuana.

Texas Veterans for Health-related Marijuana say cannabis is a game changer for veterans struggling with PTSD, opioid addiction, and suicidal thoughts.

“Cannabis gave me my high quality of life back. It gave my wife a husband back, gave my children their dad back,” mentioned Jason Walker, an Army veteran.

“It permitted me to be a father once more, and a husband,” mentioned veteran Joshua Raines.

“I sleep good. I do not have nightmares. I’m not paranoid. I’m not hyper vigilant. I really feel like myself once more,” mentioned Bass.

They say an expanded health-related marijuana system for veterans will save lives.

“I’ve lost a lot more buddies to suicide than I have in combat and so you know, it became a point exactly where it was significantly less about cannabis and a lot more about just saving my brothers and sisters,” mentioned Raines.

The hope is that their stories resonate with lawmakers at the Capitol.

“We’re actually focused amongst now and 2021 on reaching out to each and every a single of our senators with our stories, to inform them that that we want the Senate to pass a health-related marijuana bill subsequent legislative session,” mentioned Bass.


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