How Cannabis Oil Could Transform an Epileptic Girls Life in the UK


Cannabis Oil Provides 9-Year-Old Epileptic Girl a Complete New Life Claims Mother

The cannabis news is not generally poor, and on the healthcare side a excellent story is emerging out of Europe on how a 9-year-old epileptic girl, who suffers 300 seizures a day, can now how a new life with cannabis oil as a therapy.   The UK overall health authority is going to let the THC filled cannabis oil for epilepsy.


Teagan Appleby, from Aylesham in Kent, is consistently hospitalized by her epilepsy illness.  The difficulty is that as she got older and took additional and additional pharmaceutical drugs for her seizures, she keeps becoming resistant to conventional drugs and is finding sicker, not much better, now.  Her mother, Emma Appleby, hopes cannabis oil will support Teagan as it has other kids in the US, Canada, and Europe.  Mrs. Appleby is raising cash to take her daughter to Holland to get the cannabis oil and treatment options needed for epilepsy.  She says right after speaking to UK overall health officials that they are ‘promising’ that the government will let it in the UK when she returns.


The UK House Secretary, Sajid Javid, stated that medicinal cannabis oil will be legal with a prescription in England, Scotland, and Wales from November 1 on of this year. Mrs. Appleby, 35, plans to take her daughter abroad since she believes it will take time for UK physicians to be educated to prescribe it and set up a provide chain. “The government announcement is promising but in no way is it assured, the item nonetheless has to be out there for provide in the UK and physicians will have to have education on how to dispense and prescribe so we are nonetheless preparing on going abroad, as quickly as probable.” stated Appleby.


If you are a typical reader you may possibly don’t forget the stories we did on yet another UK Mom who brought cannabis oil back to her sick son and challenged authorities at immigration to make a like and death selection on her son Billy Caldwell. THC has been shown to support kids with epilepsy – famously Billy Caldwell who, at the age of 12, became the 1st individual ever to be prescribed it by the NHS.

Billy’s mother Charlotte Caldwell, from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, purchased her son cannabis oil in Canada but had them confiscated at Heathrow Airport in June. 

Just after a higher-profile campaign for the duration of which Mrs. Caldwell feared her son would die without the need of the medication, the Government permitted him to hold taking the drugs. 

How is Teagan’s situation comparable to Billy’s? Mrs. Appleby says “It just got truly poor, pretty swiftly.  We’ve attempted a number of drugs but she gets utilised to the medication pretty swiftly and it begins wearing off so absolutely nothing appears to be assisting. She seizures each and every day and she can seizure up to 300 occasions a day.  She’s lost all of her capabilities – she did not have a lot of since she’s been delayed anyway. Before she had epilepsy she could run about in the garden and feed herself but now she is entirely dependent on an individual to appear right after her.  She’s losing the capability to chew and swallow at the moment, that is the most up-to-date issue to be impacted. She’s pretty poorly.  The physicians have admitted to me that Teagan has 1 of the most serious instances of epilepsy they’ve ever observed. It is so challenging to manage,” stated Appleby.


Much more superior news for Teagan is that Alife Dingley, from Kenilworth in Warwickshire, was the second kid to be prescribed the drug in the UK and his situation is now below manage says Mrs. Appleby.


There are at present just 3 kids in the UK who have a license to use cannabis oil.  Alfie Dingley, Billy Caldwell and Sophia Gibson are the only ones who have been granted permission. Within days of utilizing the item, Alfie’s seizures stopped entirely, and he has even understanding how to ride a bicycle now.




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