eight of the Most Well-known Maryland Weed Strains


Maryland’s health-related marijuana buyers can acquire cannabis flower, tinctures, and pre-rolls, and quickly they’ll be capable to invest in edibles. Considering that flower was a single of the only possibilities for so extended, it is fortunate Maryland’s weed strain choice is plentiful.

Marijuana cultivators in Maryland depended largely on out-of-state seeds and plants to get their developing operations began, which is why a lot of Maryland weed strains are effectively-established cultivars, or strains, discovered in bustling cannabis markets like California, Colorado, and Washington. For the most effective that Maryland has to present, flower enthusiasts can turn to these beloved Maryland weed strains for a connoisseur-grade knowledge.

Sour Diesel

sour diesel nug

Sour Diesel and its variants like Sour Diesel #five or #7 are a staple in Maryland dispensaries which includes Maggie’s, Remedy Columbia, and Green Point Wellness dispensaries. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain capabilities a pungent diesel-scent with light citrus notes. One particular Maryland brand, gLeaf, grows a potent Sour Diesel cultivar from parents Chem Dawg 91 and Super Skunk. In their 45,000 square foot facility, gLeaf cultivates extra than 30 strains for Maryland residents which includes Jilly Bean and Island Sweet Skunk.

HMS Wellness is yet another a single of just 15 authorized cannabis cultivators in Maryland. They’ve also place out their personal Sour Diesel strain packed with sweet and dank notes. Sour Diesel from HMS Wellness went on to turn out to be the Maryland Cannabis Cup Champion. Pure Life Wellness dispensary told the Baltimore Small business Journal (BBJ) that the Sour Diesel strain by gLeaf was their most effective-promoting strain retailing for about $60 for three and a half grams.

Grapefruit Sour Dream

Culta, yet another Maryland cultivator, hand-chosen strains from their substantial seed library which includes the preferred Grapefruit Sour Dream strain. The BBJ reported that Culta had sold extra than 1,000 units (three and a half grams per unit) of Grapefruit Sour Dream for about $49.22 in 2018. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain capabilities an earthy and citrus-like aroma. As a cross involving Blue Dream, Cookies and Cream, and Grapefruit Diesel, this strain captures Grapefruit Diesel’s iconic fuel-like scent and trichome content material.


With availability in Illinois, Nevada, and Maryland, Verano brand produces exclusive Verano brand weed strains for Maryland residents that cannot be discovered in Nevada dispensaries. One particular of their exclusive cannabis strains is the G6 strain, a sativa-dominant hybrid mix involving Aspen OG and Higher Nation Diesel. Maryland’s fondness for diesel aromas becomes apparent with G6’s name, an allusion jet fuel. Zen Leaf told the BBJ that their Jessup location’s most effective-promoting flower strain was G6 at about $20 per gram in 2018.

Mag Landrace

Verano’s second strain in its exclusive lineup is but yet another Maryland favourite, the Mag Landrace strain. This 100% Iranian landrace offers off notes of spices and herbs for a complicated aromatic knowledge. With hints of purple and orange hues in flower nugs, Mag Landrace capabilities up to 27% THC. At about $60 for an eighth, Maryland residents are getting pure top quality flower. Despite the fact that Mag Landrace’s origin is in Illinois, it is produced its way to the Old Line State.

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Blue Cheese

For an indica-leaning knowledge, gLeaf developed the Blue Cheese Maryland weed strain. This mix involving Blueberry and U.K. Cheese capabilities blueberry and blue cheese. Its on-the-nose name and aroma have won more than shoppers at Charm City Medicus dispensary. They sold more than 9,000 grams (about 20 pounds) of Blue Cheese in 2018 for about $60 per eighth according to the BBJ. Blue Cheese is out there elsewhere in the nation, but Maryland has actually taken a liking to it, as well.

Mai Tai

Herban Legends’ Towson dispensary cannot preserve their Mai Tai flower from gLeaf on the shelves. Mai Tai is a blend of Sunset Sherbet and Purple Punch cultivars. At $60 per eighth or $16 pre-rolls,  Mai Tai is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with notes of citrus and pine. Mai Tai from gLeaf can also be discovered at Charm City Medicus and other Maryland dispensaries.

Northern Lights

close up of northern lights strain

More than at Curio Wellness, they told the BBJ that their most preferred flower strain was Northern Lights. Northern Lights is a effectively-established indica strain cross involving Thai and Afghani marijuana strains. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Northern Lights has won several Cannabis Cup competitions. The Northern Lights strain is also produced by Maryland cultivators, SunMed growers.

Girl Scout Cookies

Grassroots delivers a selection of cannabis merchandise which includes flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, and disposable vape pens. They’ve even brought the preferred California-bred Girl Scout Cookies strain to Maryland dispensaries. Girl Scout Cookies is a cross involving OG Kush and Durban Poison featuring sweet and earthy notes. Maryland residents can get this Maryland weed strain at Green Point Wellness, Harvest of Maryland, and extra dispensaries nearby.

Well-known Maryland weed strains alter practically each and every day. Buyers are often searching for the subsequent large cannabis strain or item. Numerous buyers also really like to experiment with new strains, avoiding loyalty to a single strain more than yet another. As Maryland continues to develop their marijuana cultivation, we can count on extra Maryland-exclusive weed strains to line neighborhood dispensaries and hopefully nationwide as effectively.

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