Desperate mum shares harrowing video of son possessing seizure in cannabis oil plea


The desperate family members of a teenage boy who suffers hundreds of seizures a day are calling on the NHS to start out paying for the cannabis oil therapy which they struggle to spend £4,000 a month for.

A law modify now suggests Bailey Williams, 17, can take the complete extract cannabis oil, which is the only point that can tackle his epilepsy.

He’s suffered from the situation considering the fact that he was two but in current years it has got so poor he frequently falls to the floor and turns blue.

More than the years Bailey, from Cardiff, has undergone endless drug therapy and therapies but it wasn’t till he was prescribed medicinal cannabis in June that his situation began to enhance.

He went from possessing hundreds of seizures a day to just 5 but as the medicine is not readily available on the NHS his parents have to spend thousands to a neurologist in London for the medicine, which is injected 3 occasions a day.

Bailey, 17, has had epilepsy considering the fact that he was two
Bailey Williams possessing a seizure


His mum, Rachel Rankmore, 43, has now known as on the NHS to start out delivering prescriptions so households do not drop out since they can not afford the drug.

Former banker, Rachel, mentioned: “Without it, he has hundreds of seizures a day and it is damaging his physique.

“He has created mastering troubles, mental delays and it has changed his character.

“I believed the seizures could possibly kill him. It is heartbreaking and I’m scared I’ll drop my son.

“He has enhanced substantially considering the fact that becoming on cannabis oil and he’s only been on it two months.

“I lastly really feel like I’ve got my son back and I couldn’t bare to go back to what it was like just before.

“But we are not by any suggests wealthy and that is just unsustainable. We can not afford it.”
Bailey Williams’ seizures have decreased drastically considering the fact that he started taking the medicinal cannabis
The therapy charges £4,000 a month


Bailey has Lennox–Gastaut syndrome, a kind of epilepsy only identified in about 5 of each and every 100 young children with the situation, and was diagnosed aged two.

At 1st his situation was manageable for his parents, Rachel and Craig Williams, 48, a garage manager, and he only had a match as soon as or twice a month.

But his seizures got worse and by the age of seven Bailey was fitting hundreds of occasions a day.

His family members changed his diet plan in a desperate bid to quit the seizures, but when that didn’t function inserted a device into Bailey’s chest, aged seven.

It sends signals to his brain that helped to limit the frequency and severity of his fits, but it only worked for a brief time.

At its worst Bailey’s seizures make him fall to the floor and turn blue, and usually leave him wheelchair bound and unable to feed himself or speak

Bailey Williams with mum Rachel, dad Craig and brother Ross
Mum Rachel attends to Bailey throughout a seizure


Mum-of-two, Rachel, mentioned: “We have bunged him up on so lots of drugs but practically nothing has seemed to function.

“He has distinct kinds of seizure and they make him screech and shake.

“He has drop seizures exactly where he does fly across the space and fall to the floor.

“He’ll turn blue and be in a comprehensive comatose state afterwards exactly where he can not stroll or speak or do something.

“The seizures are just horrific. When they occur you can hear each and every bone in his physique creak.

“It’s totally heartbreaking but we’ve had to study to place our feelings to a single side.

“It got to the point exactly where there had been no drugs left to attempt.”
Bailey Williams with mum Rachel
Bailey has hundreds of seizures a day

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Aged 14, throughout a hospital admission at the University Hospital of Wales physicians told Rachel there had been no far more drugs to give Bailey.

So the family members took matters into their personal hands and began to appear into the positive aspects of treating epilepsy with cannabis oil.

They identified a solution known as Charlotte’s Net, a kind CBD cannabis oil sold in the USA, and decided to give it a go.

It expense £300 a bottle and would final about six weeks.

Bailey began taking it in 2015 and at 1st Rachel mentioned she saw a “great improvement” in his situation.

She mentioned: “It worked a treat. There had been no emergency hospital visits or increases in medication.

“At the time we couldn’t get our hands on it in the UK.

“But even that reached its prospective. He’s seizures go far more violent once more to the point exactly where he had no good quality of life.

“He could be sat playing a single minute and the subsequent he could be on the floor shaking.

“He ends up becoming sat in a wheelchair unable to stroll or speak.”

Final November a modify in the law created cannabis with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – a psychoactive constituent of cannabis – readily available for prescription from specialist physicians.

It has permitted him to be treated with a cannabis oil known as Bedrolite, considering the fact that June.

But it is not readily available on the NHS, forcing Bailey’s family members to spend for a private prescription from a neurologist in London, costing up to £4,000 a month.

The family members have currently raised about £15,000 to place towards therapy but are crowdfunding for the future.

“The distinction the oil has is miraculous,” Rachel mentioned.

“The proof is all there and a lot of young children want these prescriptions.

“The improvement has been astonishing. It is not his fault the cannabis oil functions for him and he must not be punished for it.

“If we could get an NHS prescription, that would modify everything”, mentioned Rachel.

“We can not preserve asking individuals for enable, we can not preserve begging for funds

“Until the NHS start out writing prescriptions this is what it will be like.”

The National Institute for Well being and Care Excellence (Good) has not advise the wider use of health-related cannabis.
Bailey Williams, 17


Rachel mentioned: “I believed he would be broken forever but we’ve lastly got the old Bailey back.

“It’s been wonderful for us and that has been delightful.

“It’s challenging to clarify what it is been like caring for a sick kid and we want to devote time repairing our family members now.

“We want to study to get our family members life back.”

“If we have to give the medicine up he will not be right here for a great deal longer.”

Bailey’s fundraising web page can be identified at


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